For corporations, building a strong reputation goes beyond building a brand. Today’s biggest companies watch all aspects of their online reputations and streamline their presence on the web for the greatest impact on profits, customer opinion and growth.

Much like high-profile business owners and professional leaders, corporate organizations face an elevated level of scrutiny online. The complexity of corporate structure, partnerships and branding, among other factors, makes corporations vulnerable to online attack and negativity like never before.

In a world where almost everyone is online and can look up your brand in seconds, leaving yourself open to slander and negative posts can be a costly mistake. In fact, it can destroy your company in a single viral post.

If you’re not convinced, consider the following statistics: 1

  • Over 90% of consumers always check reviews online before spending their money.
  • Nearly 85% of consumers will trust what they see online more than in-person recommendations.
  • Each one-star increase on Yelp translates to an average of 9% increase in revenue.
  • A business with just one negative result is at risk of losing 22% of revenue. Four or more negative results increases that risk to 70% of potential sales.
  • Corporations with negative reputations spent an average of 10% more per hire.

The list could go on, of course, but the most important thing to know is that these percentages grow with each passing year. As more people around the world gain access to the web, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand, address and manage your online brand image with the help of experts and proven technologies.

  • Suppress Unfavorable Search Engine Results
  • Safeguard Your Brand Image(s)
  • Boost Positive Content to Prominent Positions in Search Results
  • Navigate Social Platforms with Effective Ease
  • Connect with Your Audiences
  • Produce Quality, Useful Content to Show Your Corporation in a Good Light
  • Collect Positive Reviews Across Multiple Platforms
  • Mitigate Negative or Falsified Reviews
  • Generate Featured Recommendations to Bolster Your Image
  • Gain Deeper Understanding of Your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Track Different Consumer Actions with Specific Values for Each Conversion
  • Review Converting Ads, Keywords and Posts on One Easy-to-Use Platform
  • See a Snapshot of Your Corporation’s Current Digital Status
  • Analyze What’s Working, What Isn’t and Where There’s Room to Improve
  • Set Milestones Based on Your Corporation’s Goals for the Future

Your corporation has digital needs and Reputation Sciences™ has proven digital solutions. We offer a suite of services that are customizable to your company’s unique requirements, providing your brand with protection from online attack and navigating your organization toward the pinnacle of your industry.

Our expertise in digital marketing, corporate reputation management, review management, analytics and branding will preserve the health and integrity of your corporate entity while simultaneously improving its online reach, growth potential and profitability. Just as marketing is considered a mandatory element of corporate business strategy, it’s time to accept that brand and reputation management is essential to success.

If you’re ready to turn clicks into conversions, contact us for a free consultation and analysis of your company. To learn more about our proven corporate solutions, keep reading…


Corporate branding is a broad topic that, in recent years, has only grown more complex. A sound branding strategy will allow your corporation to distinguish itself from the competition, improve your bottom line and run your operations as efficiently as possible. It allows you to guide how the public perceives your brand while creating a long-term plan that will drive your company toward a unified vision.

Without corporate branding, your business’s identity is up in the air. Online branding is necessary to create instant, positive recognition with partners, employees and customers alike. It maintains consistency and solidifies your image online in a way that shows your company’s best traits.

In short, corporate branding strategy combines your company’s purpose, cohesion, customer connection, flexibility, culture, loyalty and competitive awareness into a useful plan that you can follow. We’re here to help you every step of the way.


A well-planned corporate branding strategy and reputation management strategy includes digital solutions that have the power to improve your bottom line. At Reputation Sciences™, we bring elements like reputation management, digital media management, review management, conversion tracking and analytics together under one platform so your corporation can start seeing results as quickly as possible.

With our decades of combined experience, we offer guaranteed results no matter the size of your company. Since 2015, we’ve been using our solutions to help professionals and corporate entities secure their positive position online, and we’ve risen to the top because we get results.

Our award-winning team spends every day immersed in the world of online reputation management. We know the subject inside and out, and we know how to use the current corporate landscape to bolster your company in all the right places.

It doesn’t matter if you’re facing issues from past legal troubles, angry customers or clients, disgruntled ex-employees or other slanderous news sources. We believe that any business problem can be fixed with prompt, proactive problem solving and a long-term commitment to success. We also believe that solutions like these should be available to anyone who wants to help their business succeed…

Corporate reputation management requires a multi-tiered online approach that sufficiently analyzes and addresses each component of your organization’s brand. If your current plan is one-dimensional or out-of-date, you’re selling yourself and your shareholders short.

As experts in reputation management, we understand what it takes to get your corporate brand and online reputation to operate at peak performance. A complete analysis will help us create a personalized approach that will provide the results you need for years to come.

It’s the new age. We live in a digital world and a company’s success is irrevocably linked to its online reputation and image. There’s no going back.

A single thoughtless comment or minor disagreement can kill a corporation, and it can feel like there’s a growing imbalance between corporate reputational risk and the ability to manage it. This is especially true if you embark on your mission without an expert team like that at Reputation Sciences™ by your side.

Your corporation’s online reputation can make or break your success. The front page of Google is the new business card. Internet reviews are the new word-of-mouth. Transparency is expected by the average consumer, and at any given moment your corporation might be under an immense level of scrutiny by countless consumers around the world. Risk is, in short, through the roof.

The cause of this risk can be traced back to three factors…The first factor is our corporate landscape of global news and social media. These platforms have shifted the balance of power out of company hands, and into those of customers and shareholders.

The second factor is rapid globalization and broadcasting of information. The internet is a virtual highway of readily available information that consumers, vendors and investors can tap into when making purchase decisions. This makes even the smallest of mistakes visible to all who have the motivation to search on Google.

The third factor is the increase in consumer expectation. Corporations are expected to deliver flawless strategic process, excellent consumer relations, constant adherence to brand promises and careful alignment with current social and/or moral standards. This new level of demand is higher than it has been at any other point in history.

Thankfully, the professional environment has developed with new age, and you do have options. Establishing a strategic reputation management plan, for example, will place the conversation about your brand(s) in your hands and help you build a secure foundation in the digital world.





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