Online Review Management

Our powerful review management dashboard puts you in control of your review presence online.

Review Management Services

Online Review Management solutions provide the tools to manage online reviews, improve your ratings and build a better presence on review platforms across the web. Designed to fit your unique brand and reputation management needs, our state-of-the-art online review management software makes managing online reviews easier and more efficient than ever. With our easy-to-use online review dashboard, you can monitor online reviews and new customer feedback in real time, allowing you to identify negative comments on Google, Facebook, and more while taking steps to protect your online reputation fast.

And with our customized review response, review generation and review promotion features, you can build the online review management strategy you need to pull in more positive reviews and build an online presence that boosts your bottom line.


Monitor Review Sites

Managing reviews and protecting your business means knowing what's out there before it's too late. Customized to your local business, our cutting-edge review management software digs deep to identify and track all your reviews online, providing real-time updates on new and existing reviews so you can manage reviews more effectively.

With comprehensive review site monitoring, you know instantly when and where new customer reviews are posted on platforms across the web, allowing you to address bad reviews quickly while promoting good reviews where they'll make the most impact.

Remove Negative Reviews

Are fake online reviews hurting your local business? Our negative review removal team works tirelessly to flag and remove false reviews from online review platforms and search results, helping you repair your online presence and restore your brand identity fast.

We understand how damaging a false online review can be for your business and your reputation. That's why we utilize only proven methods and the latest in technology to identify removal opportunities, remove malicious reviews and help you deliver a more positive customer experience online.

Need a bad review removed from the web?

Generate Positive Reviews

Growing your online review presence is a great way to supplement your overall marketing strategy and reach new customers across the web. With our online review management system and the latest in review request techniques, you have the opportunity to generate more and better reviews for your business while maximizing your impact across GMB, Facebook, search engines and more.

Our advanced review management process allows you to customize review requests to fit your business needs and optimize your presence on the industry review sites you value most. We help you transform positive customer experiences into great reviews that not only strengthen brand messaging, but attract more customers over the long term.

How Online Review Management Services Work

Our online review management platform offers a comprehensive approach for managing reviews and building a positive, profitable review presence on the internet. With our online review management service, you have the tools and technology to customize your own online review management strategy and take control of your online reputation for good.

Our 5-step review management process includes:

Step 1: Research & Analysis

We begin each business review management campaign by analyzing your review presence and review sentiment on both prominent and industry-specific online review platforms. Once complete, our experts customize a review management strategy for actively managing your reviews moving forward.

Step 2: Review Removal

Where possible, we take steps to flag and remove all harmful fake reviews from review sites, and to suppress negative feedback from search result pages. This includes all questionable Google, Trustpilot and Facebook reviews, as well as any bad customer reviews hurting your business on industry-specific platforms.

Step 3: Review Response, Generation and Promotion

Our review management software makes it easier than ever to manage and improve online reviews, providing an all-in-one dashboard for responding to reviews, customizing review requests and promoting positive reviews on social media and across the web. Our robust review management portal allows you to read reviews and respond to unhappy customers at your convenience.

Step 4: Review Monitoring

We carefully monitor reviews throughout the review management process, empowering you with round-the-clock information and alerts on new reviews affecting your business online. With our online review monitoring tool, you have the actionable, real-time info needed to address online feedback and mitigate bad reviews quickly.

Step 5: Campaign Reporting

Once your review management campaign is underway, you’ll receive detailed monthly reports on your online review site presence, including a high-level analysis of your progress, your business reputation and all the reviews of your company currently on the web.

Why do I need online review management?

When it comes to researching local businesses, consumers turn to online review sites like Google My Business, Facebook and HomeAdvisor more than ever. In fact, online reviews now play an outsized role in the consumer decision-making process, influencing what potential customers do and where they go when they need your services the most.

Consider this:
  • 87%   of consumers read online reviews at some point in the buying process.
  • 79%   now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 20%  read ten reviews online or more before trusting your business.
  • 92%  of customers say negative reviews make it less likely they’ll use your business.
  • When researching businesses,  78%  say responding to reviews is essential.
  • Just  48%  will consider businesses with 3-star ratings.
  • 12%  won’t use businesses without 5-star ratings.
  • 94%  say positive reviews make it more likely they will trust your company.


WHAT’S MORE: review sites get top billing in search results, making a big impact on future customers searching your business while posing a serious ongoing threat to your online reputation.

The bottom line: Without an effective online review management strategy, just one negative review can become a major headache for your business reputation and revenue. Left on its own, that one bad review can erode trust, damage online reputation and hurt your ability to attract customers every day.

Robust review management services to improve your online reputation

From negative review removal and 24/7 review monitoring to customized review response, review generation and review marketing solutions, our comprehensive online review management services help your business build an online reputation that outshines the competition.

Our industry-best review management software and all-in-one, easy-to-use review management dashboard put control of your review presence in your hands, empowering you with the business friendly tools to generate more reviews and build an online review footprint that gets results.