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Be Wary: Online Requests for Information Can Actually Harvest Your Data

It doesn’t have to be a major hack. Yes, customers of Uber, Yahoo, and many other online services have been […]

Fighting Fake News and Bad PR on Today’s Free-for-all Internet

 by: Colleen Brown, Founder, Marca GlobalFrom the Information Age to the Reputation Age “Civilization rests on the fact that we […]

Ego Surfing: Searching Your Name for Online Reputation Management Purposes

 by: Blair Brown, COO, Marca Global Ego Surfing: Your First Defense in Online Reputation Management You’re Not So Vain! “Ego […]

How to Defend and Define Yourself Online: 3 Stories of Reputation Management

 by: Brian McHale, CEO, Marca Global When you find negative content about you or your company online, knowing the right […]

Ready, Fire, Aim! Fake News, Media Bias, and the Importance of Public Perception Online

 by: Colleen Brown, Founder, Marca Global Beyond Conservative or Liberal: The Universal Media Bias In this post, Reputation Sciences looks […]

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