Blog Companies With The Best And Worst Reputations In The World, At The Start Of 2023

Companies With The Best And Worst Reputations In The World, At The Start Of 2023

companies with good reputations

Which companies have bad reputations, and which are loved by customers? Learn which brands are winning, which companies have bad reputations, and where to find the best reputation company to repair your online image.

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Many companies spend years building a positive reputation, refining their image, and creating a brand that earns trust with customers.

But in an age when bad news travels at lightning speed, even a small issue can spark a major crisis fast. And once it’s out there, that problem can create a headache that may seem impossible to fix.

This can make managing a good corporate reputation a long and painful process. In fact, building a great business reputation usually takes a watchful eye, a lot of hard work, and the help of a top-rated Reputation Management Team.

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Why is it so hard to manage my brand online?

Bad search results, reviews and online crises don’t always make reputation management easy. In a world driven by online info, where threats can pop up at any time, protecting your brand can sometimes seem impossible.

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The difference between firms doing online reputation repair well and those falling short is remarkable. In other words, it’s not hard to separate the brands people love from those burning their bridges.

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Learn what goes into corporate reputation, companies with the best and worst reputations of the year and where to find the best reputation company for your business. 

What Goes Into Corporate Reputation?

1. Corporate Culture

Corporate culture involves the behaviors and values that fuel connections between stakeholders and your business. 

How you treat your workforce and customers is central to your corporate culture.

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2. Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility refers to any practice your company performs to improve the community and the world.

These days, companies that don’t focus on social responsibility miss out on making stronger customer connections. Customers have greater expectations than ever and want to deal with companies that share their values.

Socially responsible business practices can include anything from sponsoring charity drives to sourcing materials from eco-friendly suppliers, and more.

3. Company Leadership

Like it or not, company leadership makes up a large chunk of your corporate reputation. How your senior executives, CEO, and management behave has a big impact on customer trust and how people see your brand.

When your leader makes a mistake, an award-winning reputation solution is the best way to clean things up and repair your online image.

4. Financial Performance

Your financials also have a major affect on how stakeholders and customers see your business. Monitoring your financial performance is key to understanding what people think about your brand’s potential.

5. Customer Sentiment

What do customers think and feel about your company? Because so much depends on how customers feel about your brand, sentiment is a key factor in your business reputation.

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6. Products & Services

Your company is forever tied to your products and services. So, when that latest product launch becomes a hit or hits a dead end, your reputation is going to feel it.

Companies With Good Reputations At The Start Of 2023

companies with good reputations at the beginning of 2021

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As we start a new decade, many corporate brands are competing for the best reputation title. But only a few really stand out as “best of the best.

Here are the five companies with great reputations at the start of 2023:

  1. The LEGO Group
  2. Microsoft
  3. Patagonia
  4. Walt Disney
  5. Amazon

1. The LEGO Group

Lego products and services store

Lego building blocks have been a source of inspiration, entertainment, and joy for decades, providing children the chance to create and bring imagination to life.

But when it comes to corporate reputation, The LEGO Group represents something even bigger: the ideal brand. LEGO shows what’s possible when you control your own narrative and can pivot when your customers’ needs change.

Facing serious struggles in the early 2000s, the Danish toymaker turned things around and began a complete brand reinvention. This included making major changes to marketing, product offerings, and how relationships were built across different demographics.

By focusing more on corporate culture, social responsibility, and sustainable business practices, LEGO created one of the most respected brands in the world. Along the way, they set the standard for business growth, image, and positive brand reputation.

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2. Microsoft

microsoft company’s corporate headquarters

Microsoft’s reputation remained mostly undamaged by negative news coverage and other issues affecting the tech industry in recent years.

The software giant owes much of this to the steady leadership of longtime CEO Satya Nadella. Nadella not only grew Microsoft’s presence in the cloud infrastructure space. She also earned a glowing employee-approval rating on Glassdoor.

Microsoft’s reputation was also strengthened by its focus on transparency during product issues and updates, essential to building trust among consumers.

But no matter the reason, Microsoft has maintained a top 10 company reputation for nearly a decade. Not only that, but the company’s industry-leading image has improved every new year. In fact, Microsoft ranked fifth in the Global RepTrak® 100.

3. Patagonia

patagonia products and services store

Patagonia’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction solidifies its reputation as one of the top clothing brands in the country. 

Founded over 40 years ago, Patagonia continues to offer replacements, repairs and refunds to anyone unhappy with their products. Similar guarantees are hard to find in any retailer or industry.

Add the firm’s ongoing dedication to eco-friendly causes, and you’ve got a reputation that’s hard to beat.

4. Walt Disney

walt disney company positive reputation

The Walt Disney Company vies for ‘most reputable corporation in the world’ every year, consistently ranking among the top 10 companies in nearly every major reputation metric and category.

Disney’s positive reputation results from a combination of things, including decades of family-friendly programming and strong financial performance. It’s also inspired by company leadership and a commitment to responsible business practices.

In fact, Disney gave nearly $350 million to organizations that help the disadvantaged in 2018. And, the global entertainment brand is aiming to cut companywide carbon emissions in half by this year.

5. Amazon

amazon brand

Amazon has experienced some reputation setbacks in recent years, especially over the heat of the COVID pandemic.

But the brand’s popularity among consumers remains strong, boosting its position among companies with the best reputations of 2023.

Factors like a user-friendly platform, good Glassdoor reviews, and its position as a leading retailer have sealed Amazon’s positive reputation for the foreseeable future. 

Honorable mentions (companies with strong online reps): L.L. Bean, Procter & Gamble, Publix, and Sony.  

Companies With Bad Reputations At The Start Of 2023

 companies with bad reputations in 2021

We’ve looked at companies with good reputations. Now, let’s check out a few firms with some major reputation issues. All could probably use a little (or a LOT) of online reputation repair!

Here are the companies we believe have the worst reputations at the start of 2023:

  1. Philip Morris
  2. Sears
  3. Comcast
  4. Facebook
  5. Goldman Sachs

1. Phillip Morris

tobacco brands as the worst companies in the world

It’s no secret that big tobacco’s reputation has slipped over the last few decades, leaving brands like Phillip Morris to manage the fallout.

With issues like class-action lawsuits and growing negativity toward smoking, Phillip Morris faces a major P.R. crisis nearly every day, with no end in sight.

But what Morris and other tobacco companies lack in positive public image, they (somewhat) make up for in strong financial performance. Many believe this shows little more than a continued focus on profit over the public good.

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2. Sears

 sears store with low customer satisfaction

If you’ve followed Sears at all over the past 5-10 years, you might think the once-popular retail brand has one foot in the grave.

And it’s really no wonder. With steadily dipping sales, numerous store closings, a major brand sell-off, and bankruptcy, Sears’ reputation has taken some major hits. In most cases, even just one of these would likely leave your corporate reputation in the dust.

What’s worse, Sears’ downward slide is also bucking retail’s current upward trend. This is putting the brand in a spot where reputation repair may soon be impossible.

3. Comcast

Comcast as one of the companies with bad reputations

When it comes to companies with a bad reputation, telecom giant Comcast has yet to shake its negative image, particularly among consumers. This is evident in the brand’s continually low American Customer Satisfaction Index scores for internet, subscription TV, and fixed-line phone services.

Add several recent high-profile lawsuits to the mix, and Comcast’s reputation strategy always seems to be on life support.

Some blame the industries in which Comcast operates. That’s because TV and internet firms tend to attract customer complaints and high dissatisfaction rates.

Yet, Comcast continues to perform worse than most competitors, setting itself apart as one of “America’s most-hated companies.”

4. Facebook

Facebook like icon facing down

Facebook has been swimming in controversy in recent years, including highly public PR crises doing no favors to its tattered reputation.

Such issues as its influence on the 2016 election, user privacy problems, and inability to police content have earned criticism from lawmakers, celebrities, and advocates across the political aisle.

In turn, this has created serious image problems only made worse on popular social forums. Without a doubt, Facebook is far from becoming one of those companies with a good reputation.

Combine that with poorly received public remarks by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and negative coverage of tech companies overall and Facebook’s brand reputation takes a hit with each new day.

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5. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs company’s headquarters

Despite improvement, impressive profitability, and a major effort to rehab its reputation, Goldman Sachs continues to struggle with brand image. In short, the financial firm just can’t seem to build trust among the general public.

That’s mainly because Goldman seems unable to shake the ill will created by the 2008 financial crisis. In fact, the financial powerhouse carries the lion’s share of negativity other firms have moved past over the last decade.

That said, Goldman Sachs remains one of the more successful brands in finance. This is despite the feelings of distrust and even loathing many have for the long-time industry leader.

But even though brand sentiment remains the same, there are small but encouraging signs Goldman’s recent image repair campaign may finally be working.

(Dis) honorable mentions (companies scoring low on our reputation barometer): The U.S. Government, Dish Network, Wells Fargo    

Want To Build a Great Reputation? We Can Help

While some brands manage a positive brand despite issues and an evolving digital climate, others aren’t so lucky.

And for those on the losing end of the reputation equation, the consequences can be severe. Many not only experience a damaged public image, but also a harder time reaching customers and growing their bottom line.

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