Companies With The Best And Worst Reputations In The World, At The Start Of 2021


June 10, 2021



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Ever wondered what companies have a bad reputation and which ones are loved by customers? Then you definitely need to read this article! Learn about some winning brands, which are the companies with bad reputations that could use some work, and where to find the best reputation company to repair your online image.  


Companies often spend years or even decades building a positive reputation, polishing an image, and creating a brand that earns trust with consumers


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But when information travels at lightning speed, even a small scandal can spark a major crisis fast, creating a corporate black eye that may sometimes seem impossible to fix.


This can make managing a good corporate reputation a long and painstaking process requiring a watchful eye, a lot of hard work, and the help of a reliable, top-rated Reputation Management Team to get things right.


At Reputation Sciences™, we work with the Best Reputation Management Company in the industry to deliver customized, robust reputation repair and brand management solutions. In other words, we help companies with bad reputations get on track. We utilize proven ORM methods to remove online threats, fix your reputation, and help your business reach more customers across the web.

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catching up who are the companies with bad reputations in 2021

While negative search results and online crises don’t always make brand management easy, choosing the best reputation company for your business is key to building the best online footprint.


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The difference between firms that do online reputation repair well and those that don't is obvious and creates a stark contrast between the brands people love and those setting their bridges on fire.

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Read on to learn what goes into Corporate Reputation, the companies with good and bad reputations in 2021, and where to find the best reputation company to fix your online image. 


What Goes Into Corporate Reputation?


1. Corporate Culture

Corporate culture typically involves the values, behaviors, and beliefs that drive interaction between employees, management, investors, partners, and the greater community. 


How you treat your workforce and customers can be considered elements of your corporate culture.


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2. Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility refers to any behaviors and practices focused on improving the community and society at large.


In 2021, companies with bad corporate social responsibility are missing out on connecting with their customers at a deeper level. Consumers are now more aware than ever, and want to deal with companies aligned with their own values.


Socially responsible business practices can include anything from company-based charity drives to sourcing materials from eco-friendly suppliers, and more.


3. Company Leadership

Company leadership plays a crucial role in where your organization is going, how it’s getting there, and how you defend and define your corporate reputation. The way your senior executives, CEO, and management behave can shape how you are seen and trusted by local customers. When a company’s leaders make a mistake, an Award-winning Reputation Solution may be the best way to clean things up and restore your online image.


4. Financial Performance

Your sales numbers and financial trends can have a significant impact on how partners, investors, competitors, and customers see your business. Monitoring your financial performance is essential to know where you stand and what stakeholders think about your brand’s potential.


5. Customer Sentiment

What do customers think and feel about your company? Because so much of your success depends on how consumers interact with your brand, there’s no denying the impact your customer sentiment has on your business reputation.


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6. Products & Services

Your company is forever linked to your products and services. So, when that latest innovation becomes a hit or simply hits a brick wall, your reputation is going to feel it.


Companies With Good Reputations At The Start Of 2021

companies with good reputations at the beginning of 2021

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As we start a new decade, many corporate brands are vying for the best reputation title. But only a few really stand out as “best of the best” in terms of image and perception.


Here are the five companies with good reputations at the start of 2021:

  1. The LEGO Group
  2. Microsoft
  3. Patagonia
  4. Walt Disney
  5. Amazon


1. The LEGO Group

Lego products and services store

Lego building blocks have provided children a source of inspiration, entertainment, and joy for decades, providing millions the chance to create and bring their imaginations to life.


But when it comes to corporate reputation, The LEGO Group represents something even bigger: the ideal company brand. LEGO shows what’s possible when you control your own brand narrative and have the flexibility to pivot and connect with customers when consumer needs change.


Facing serious struggles in the early 2000s, the Danish toymaker seized the initiative and began a complete brand reinvention, making major changes to marketing, product offerings, and how they built relationships across different consumer segments.


Combined with a stronger focus on corporate culture, social responsibility, and environmentally sustainable business practices, LEGO's changes have produced what is one of the most respected companies on Earth, setting the standard for business growth, image, and good online reputation in the process.


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2. Microsoft

microsoft company’s corporate headquarters

Microsoft emerged mostly undamaged by the negative news coverage and other issues plaguing the tech industry over the last few years.


Much of this is likely due to the steady leadership of longtime executive and current CEO Satya Nadella. Nadella has not only elevated Microsoft's presence in the services and cloud infrastructure sectors. She has also earned an impressive employee-approval rating on Glassdoor.


Microsoft's strong reputation may also be credited to its commitment to transparency during product issues and updates, essential to building trust among consumers.


But no matter the reason, Microsoft has been a top-ten in company reputation for nearly a decade, improving on its industry-leading image with each passing year. The software giant ranked fifth in the Global RepTrak® 100.


3. Patagonia

patagonia products and services store

Amongst the companies with good reputations, Patagonia’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction solidifies its reputation as one of the top clothing retailers in the country, if not the world.


Established over 40 years ago, Patagonia maintains its longstanding policy of offering replacements, repairs, and refunds to anyone not happy with their products. Similar guarantees are hard to find in any retailer or industry.


Add that to the firm’s ongoing dedication to environmental causes, and you’ve got a reputation that’ll be hard to beat for years to come.


4. Walt Disney

walt disney company positive reputation

The Walt Disney Company contends for 'most reputable corporation in the world' every year, consistently ranking among the top 10 companies in nearly every major reputation metric and category.


Disney’s positive reputation results not only from decades of family-friendly programming and strong financial performance. It’s also inspired by the company’s leadership, and a commitment to socially responsible business practices.


In fact, Disney gave nearly $350 million to organizations that help the disadvantaged in 2018. And, the global entertainment brand is aiming to cut companywide carbon emissions in half by 2021.


5. Amazon

amazon brand

While Amazon has endured some reputation setbacks in recent years -specially over the heat of the COVID pandemic- the e-commerce giant’s popularity among online consumers remains strong, boosting its position amongst the companies with good reputations in 2021.


Factors like a user-friendly platform, high marks on Glassdoor, and its position as a leading retail provider seem to have sealed Amazon's positive reputation for the foreseeable future. Of course, this largely depends on any serious challenges yet to be waged from competitors in the future.


Honorable mentions (companies with strong online reps): L.L. Bean, Procter & Gamble, Publix, and Sony.  


Companies With Bad Reputations At The Start Of 2021

 companies with bad reputations in 2021

Now that we’ve looked at companies with good reputations, let’s check out a few of the worst firms in the world in terms of bad corporate responsibility. All of them could probably use a little (or a LOT) of online reputation repair!


Here are the companies we believe have the worst reputations at the start of 2021:

  1. Philip Morris
  2. Sears
  3. Comcast
  4. Facebook
  5. Goldman Sachs


1. Phillip Morris

tobacco brands as the worst companies in the world

It’s no secret that big tobacco brands’ reputations have slipped over the last few decades, leaving companies like Phillip Morris to manage the fallout.


With issues ranging from bad publicity and numerous lawsuits to growing negativity toward smoking, Phillip Morris faces a major P.R. crisis nearly every day, with no end in sight.


But what Morris and other tobacco companies lack in positive public image, they (somewhat) make up for by showcasing a strong financial performance. Many believe this indicates little more than an undeterred focus on profit over the public good.


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2. Sears

 sears store with low customer satisfaction

If you've spent any time following Sears over the past five years, you might think the once-popular retail brand has one foot in the grave.


With steadily dipping sales, numerous store closings, a major brand sell-off, and a declaration of bankruptcy, Sears' reputation has taken some major hits in recent memory -blows that would leave any company’s corporate reputation in the dust.


What's worse, Sears' downward slide is also bucking retail’s current upward trend, putting the brand in a spot where reputation repair may soon be impossible.


3. Comcast

Comcast as one of the companies with bad reputations

When it comes to companies with bad corporate social responsibility, telecom giant Comcast struggles with a general negative image among consumers. This is shown by consistently low American Customer Satisfaction Index scores for its internet, subscription TV, and fixed-line phone services.


Add in several high-profile lawsuits targeting “deceptive pricing practices” in recent years, and Comcast's reputation strategy seems to be on perpetual life support.


Some might blame the industries in which Comcast operates, as TV and internet firms tend to be supercharged magnets for customer complaints and high dissatisfaction rates.


Still, Comcast tends to perform worse than most of its competitors, continually setting itself apart as one of “America’s most-hated companies.”


4. Facebook

Facebook like icon facing down

Facebook has been swimming in controversy in recent years, coping with highly public battles and PR crises that are doing no favors to its tattered reputation.


Issues like the company’s influence on the 2016 election cycle, failure to protect user privacy, and inability (or refusal) to police content have sparked criticism from lawmakers, celebrities, and advocates from each side of the aisle.


In turn, this has created serious image problems that are continually made worse on popular social forums. Definitely, there’s a long way to go till Facebook will make its way amongst the companies with good reputations.


Combine that with seemingly tone-deaf testimony by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and negative coverage of tech companies in general, and Facebook’s brand reputation seems to edge closer to nightmare status with each new day.


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5. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs company’s headquarters

Despite significant gains, an impressive scoring in profitability in recent years, and a major effort to rehab its reputation, Goldman Sachs continues to struggle with its brand image, failing to build trust and accountability among the general public.


Fair or not, Goldman seems unable to shake the stigma of the 2008 financial crisis, carrying the brunt of negativity many in the financial sector have been able to move beyond over the past decade.


Goldman Sachs remains a standard-bearer and one of the more successful brands in finance. Yet, the well-known financial brand tends to generate feelings of distrust and even loathing among many outside the Wall Street bubble.


But even though brand sentiment remains relatively changed, there are small but encouraging signs the firm’s recent image repair campaign may finally be working.


(Dis) honorable mentions (companies scoring low on our reputation barometer): The U.S. Government, Dish Network, Wells Fargo    


Want To Build a Great Reputation? We Can Help

While some have managed a polished, compelling brand despite self-inflicted issues and a tumultuous digital climate, others haven’t been so lucky.


And for those on the losing end of the reputation equation, the consequences have sometimes been dire, hurting not only their public image but also their ability to reach customers, outperform competitors, and grow their bottom line.


At Reputation Sciences™, we partner with the best reputation company in the industry to get your brand back on its feet, protect it against threats, repair online reviews, and position it company for sustained online success.


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