Online Mugshot Removal

Mugshots posted online can stand in the way of your success. We can help remove these mugshots, helping to restore your online reputation.

Online Mugshot Removal

When people search for you on the web, are they finding negative information about you in search results? If you’ve ever been arrested, chances are your mugshot has been posted online. Mugshot websites have flourished over the past decade, and their popularity means that your mugshot may appear in search results. Your mugshot is more than embarrassing – – this negative content can harm your reputation, interfere with your ability to get a job or buy a house, and puts your internet privacy at risk. Reputation Sciences uses proven strategies to get your mugshot off the web and out of view of people searching for you.

Content Analysis

Reputation Sciences’ team of profile defenders scour the web, identifying sites that have posted your mugshot and personal information. We analyze search results to pinpoint sites that are damaging your reputation.

Mugshot Removal

Our profile defenders work hard to remove mugshots from the web, using proven legal strategies from takedown requests to court orders and terms of service (TOS) violation notices.

Reputation Monitoring

After your mugshot has been removed from third-party sites, it can reappear elsewhere on the web. We continually monitor your online reputation, spotting problems before they can interfere with your life.

How Can I Get My Mugshot Removed from the Web?

Mugshots posted to the web can be embarrassing. Even worse, they can prevent you from getting that dream job, buying your first house, or entering into a relationship with someone new. People use Google to learn about others – – is your mugshot appearing in search results? If so, Reputation Sciences’ team of profile defenders can help.

We analyze the web, looking for sites that have posted your mugshot, arrest details, and personal information. Next, we apply proven strategies to have mugshots removed, including legal solutions that produce results. When your mugshot has been successfully removed, we monitor the web for new activity, allowing us to preserve your online reputation. With our help, thousands of clients have been able to restore damaged reputations. Our online mugshot removal services are designed to protect your internet privacy once and for all.

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