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February 19, 2021



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Have you considered using Reputation Defender and found a few complaints about the company, its products, and service online? Expert reputation management is an essential investment today to help remove, suppress, repair, and monitor your online presence. When searching for a reputable company to help, it makes sense to determine what their customers think.


The question is, should you work with a reputation management company that has numerous complaints online?


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Here's what you need to know about Reputation Defender complaints.


What is Reputation Defender?

Reputation Defender is an online reputation management (ORM) firm in Redwood City, California. An ORM monitors and influences how an online audience perceives a brand. Like your personal reputation, brand reputation is what people think about your business.


Consumers make their judgment about a brand most often through reviews and things they read about the company online. Research indicates that just over 90 percent of people read online reviews, and close to 85 percent trust them as much as they would a personal recommendation.

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If you're searching for help with your reputation, you need to see what consumers say about Reputation Defender before hiring them.


What are the Biggest Reputation Defender Complaints?

Trustpilot is a full review site. With a little over 100 reviews there, Reputation Defender has a decent rating. However, the Reputation Defender complaints tend to be about customer service—a red flag.


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One reviewer claims, Reputation Defender is capable of creating fake posts. There is no proof this is true, but the allegation is enough to damage their reputation. But as an online reputation management firm, the company should respond almost immediately to a comment like this, as ignoring it only adds credibility to the claim.


Complaints of rude customer service representatives, ineffective practices, and over-priced, poor-quality results are common among reviewer complaints across the board.


Other Reputation Defender Complaints

With ten times more reviews on Sitejabber, the biggest Reputation Defender complaints were faulty results. While only a handful of people made up the complaints, many people listed bogus information. One reviewer said that none of the examples they received was their online information.


Another person was disappointed because, out of a hundred results, the only online information that Reputation Defender found was her Instagram page.


Pissed Off Consumer

With a little over 30 reviews, Reputation Defender complaints on the Pissed Off Consumer platform might be the most damaging simply because they result in a low rating of fewer than 1.5 stars. The site's overview states that Reputation Defender only ranks 50 of 190 in the SEO and ORM categories, and consumers are dissatisfied overall.


Reviewers advise not to hire the company.


Is Reputation Defender Legit?

Reputation defender complaints aside, many people wonder if the service is legitimate. The company is an ORM service that promises to help people and businesses look good online.


Like all ORMs, Reputation Defender advisors make a plan with you to create positive optimized content to publish online for high ranking on search engines. The result should be that the positive content pushes the negative content down on search engine results—creating a better image.


Reputation Defender plans range in cost from $3,000 per year up to $15,000 per year—and they offer custom services for challenging reputation issues. There is no information about refunds on their website.


While Reputation Defender appears to be a legitimate ORM, they can be expensive.


Regardless of which ORM you chose, it's essential to talk about expectations before signing up for the service.


How to Pick an ORM Firm

It's also vital to work with a firm that listens and collaborates with you to meet your goals. Before you hire a company, get to know who you're working with by asking questions:


  1. What are your major strategies to improve my reputation?
  2. How has my reputation on Google changed recently?
  3. How do you monitor online conversations?
  4. Can you remove damaging information?


Consumer protection laws protect customer reviews, granting consumers a legal right to share their personal experiences with an organization. While it is possible to remove information sometimes, that's not always the case.


Ask to See Their Work

Regardless of whom you're working with, they should build websites, update profiles, and post content on blogs and social media that promote your strengths and positive accomplishments.


Do they have any proof of their success in helping clients?

Suppression and Content Removal

Often a person or an organization will come across negative content online that can damage their reputation. Examples include:


  • News stories
  • Mug shots
  • Public records access


An ORM firm can use many strategies to achieve a better reputation, but the most common approach is positive and relevant web content that ranks either at the top or close to it in search results pages (SERPs). Consistent posting pushes the negative content down in search results.


Do You Need Reputation Management?

Online reputation management controls the flow of information about you and your brand online. Content suppression can push unwanted information off the first ranking page in an internet search with new content that builds a better perception.


On the other hand, content removal is reactive, expensive, and many times impossible.


Negative reviews appear in search results. It's likely that they even drive potential customers away. Lawsuits, defective products, poor customer service, and communications can all harm your company's online reputation.


And if your audience on social media shares negative information or online news outlets pick it up, it can spread like wildfire and cause considerable damage.


Rebuilding Your Reputation

If Reputation Defender complaints have you wondering how you'll rebuild your online reputation, don't worry, you have other options. But the thing you need to know is that online reputation management is an ongoing process. It requires monitoring, listening, and creating an action plan to address positive and negative comments, reviews, and press.


Proactive brand management means investing time and money in branding-building strategies. The more rich content you put out, the more negative content moves down the ranks. Reputation management builds brand authority and gives your audience a reason to trust you.


What About Internet Removals?

Removing bad publicity from news stations, government websites, and social media isn't easy, and it's not always possible. There's no such thing as guaranteed removal. In fact, unless the content is defamatory or inaccurate, websites aren't obligated to remove negative comments, reports, and reviews.

What Is the Best Solution to Resolve a Negative Online Image?

A proactive approach gives you the upper hand and allows you to build your brand's reputation in search results. Create new content and direct users to your website and social media pages. Continuously managing your reputation is an opportunity to take control instead of constantly trying to fix bad press.


Grow Your Brand

Proactive reputation management's objective is to control what's on the first page of search results and prevent new negative content—the more consistent and informative your content, the better the search engine results. Regardless of whether you have a good or bad reputation, proactive reputation management will increase brand trust and recognition.


The Key is Audience Engagement

Reputation management is about consistency. It's about listening to what your audience says. You must find where they are online. Then address their positive experiences as well as their challenges.


Have a plan in place to deal with negative feedback because, like Reputation Defender complaints, those angry comments can change the way your potential customers feel about your company, services, and products.


Net Reputation: A Better Alternative

One of the biggest complaints about Reputation Defender is how they handle customer service. However, we pride ourselves on professional collaboration.


Our advisors work with you to develop comprehensive solutions for rebuilding your business's reputation. We remove content when possible and when it makes sense. And we suppress harmful online information while creating positive content to grow your brand.


We Analyze Negative Reviews and Build Solutions

First, we'll do an audit and determine what needs work. Then we'll start cleaning up your reputation. And we'll manage your business presence on Google, Yelp, and other review platforms with proactive practices that get positive reviews from customers.


Our review technology sends you an alert when someone posts a new review online. The quicker the response, the less impact negative feedback has on your brand.


Hire an ORM Firm and Clean up Your Reputation

If the Reputation Defender complaints you read online cause you concern, and you're looking for a better alternative, check out our customized ORM solutions today! Our friendly professionals are here to help you get started with a free reputation analysis. Contact us now to get started.

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