Blog How To Remove Mugshots from Google: Clear Your Name from Search Results!

How To Remove Mugshots from Google: Clear Your Name from Search Results!

Remove Mugshots from Google

Remove mugshots from Google once and for all with our ultimate guide.

Once the law offender gets into altercations with the law, law enforcement officials are following procedure to take all the information needed about the perp and detain him/her. Getting their mugshot image is also one of the processes that law enforcement is doing in order to have the facial appearance of the criminal that will end up in his file permanently.

Well now in the modern days of the internet, these mugshots also are appearing online and you may find any mugshot in the search engine results with a little in-depth research. The online arrest records are derived from the criminal records that the police department is sharing with the public.

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In this article, we are going to help you out with the mugshot removal process and how to get your picture down from mugshot sites and search engine results. For now, we will go slowly and introduce you to the whole process and show you exactly why your criminal records and mug shots are online.

How Did My Mugshot End Up Online?

By the law in the United States, mugshots are public records and everyone can access them. The details of the criminal record are available in the public domain so it is perfectly legal if these records are posted on websites that are sharing such information.

Before the internet era, anybody could go to the police station and ask for a mugshot file and check it out. With the formal request, you would be able to access those files and use them for further investigations.

The main reason why a regular US citizen would ask for such details is when they were checking the individual when it comes to their employment or housing situation – in order for them to be aware of who they are employing or letting in their property.

Sometime in 2005, mugshot websites appeared, and they hosted these details there. Mugshot websites published online the details of criminal charges and mugshots, and that includes minor offenses and heavy criminal record details as well.

By doing this, they saved the citizen from the formalities and kept them up to date by sharing the arrest record information and mugshot online. In many cases, this helped out the public when looking for particular details online, but put the wrongfully convicted in a very hard spot to remove their details from the web.

At one point, these websites found a way of manipulating search engine results for their benefit by posting public record details from celebrities and their wrongdoing, but many times the regular person would’ve been there as well. The original intent of these sites was to provide entertainment; negative or unflattering news is a huge traffic generator, and these sites quickly became not only popular with visitors but also began to rank at the top of search results.

Using Google search, which is the most popular search engine, you will be able to find a particular website that has such situations covered there, but there is also a downside to this.

Even people that never were charged or convicted, or served any time, were found on such websites, and that messed with their online reputation. Many had real-life hardships in terms of employment and housing as a result. So what would you need to do if you found yourself in such a situation?

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Our next section will cover the steps needed to remove mugshots from Google and from third-party mugshot hosting sites.

How to Remove Arrest Records Online and Have Your Mugshots Removed?

There are several steps that you can take to remove arrest records online and have your mugshot removed from the internet.

Just before you engage in removing these details by yourself, we want to let you know that this might be a long and tiresome process and that you might need to ask for some professional assistance – but if you are willing to do it yourself, read on to find what you need to do.

We will cover some of the points you need to go through and help you out to remove mugshots of yours or your close ones.

  • Contact Website Owners

By contacting the website owner and explaining the situation, you are on the right path to take down your negative image and arrest information from their website. Many webmasters have their terms when it comes to removing the image, but if you meet their criteria, they will gladly do it and help you out with the problem.

No matter the legal reasons or court order conclusions, if you have minor criminal offenses or minor drug offenses that freed you from any heavy convictions, they will have your record expunged from their website and your details will no longer be found on Google’s first page.

  • Contact Google or other Search Engines

Another way of removing police reports and mugshots from the internet is by contacting Google and the rest of the search engines where your mugshot appears. They will be able to push the results down and remove some of the records if you of course again meet some of their criteria.

Most of the time they have a legal obligation to do that if you are wrongly convicted or you suffered identity theft from which your mugshot ended up online. In other words, you can’t remove mugshots from Google just because they are embarrassing. You must be able to demonstrate that the presence of mugshots or other embarrassing records violates one or more of Google’s terms of service.

If that is not the case, Google will not be able to process the content removal since these details are in the public domain, as we already mentioned above. But what else can you do after that?

  • Contact a Mugshot Removal Service

The mugshot removal services will, most of the time, charge you for the service, but they are already experienced in this field and will be able to help you out. They are already in contact with the websites that publish such content and mugshot photos, so probably part of that fee is going to them for removing your image.

The more websites your mugshot is found, the fee will probably be higher because the removal services will need to pay for other sites. They are the most professional approach you can take for mugshot removal and removal of arrest records.

What can help you to be more efficient and maybe lower the fee is if you follow the mugshot removal laws where an experienced lawyer can help you out. If these websites are not going to remove a mugshot of yours, then maybe this will be an extra reason to do it.

Many mugshot removal services will offer you a free consultation and help you to erase mugshots, but there is no free removal option with them. These removal websites will employ a registered agent that will work on your case to remove records.

This process requires some time and you will not be able to see immediate results. Certain companies will give you an ETA on how long they will need to finish the process.

Using Expungement Law Order

In case you can have your arrest or legal report expunged by a courtroom of regulation, you may send the expungement order to the website which should then take away the data and your arrest record. Nevertheless, it is very important to perceive that the website is under no authorized obligation to take away a mugshot, and most will voluntarily remove them.

Because of this, there is no such thing as a guarantee that a mugshot or different info will instantly be deleted. Expungement is nevertheless a very good motivating issue for websites to take away the data and arrest reports. Remember that getting a report expunged is an advanced, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive legal process.

In case you have any other criminal offenses that are not in the expungement report, then these websites will not be able to remove the arrest record that is in their database. It is not good business practice for them since they will be hiding public info, and because they are a private company, they will protect their integrity.

Every different site might have its own terms and conditions, so it is a good practice to check with them and try your luck in removing the mugshots. If you are finding this hard to follow all the separate requirements for many different websites, maybe it is a good time to employ a removal service to help you out.

Remove Mugshots from Google Search Results

When it comes to mugshot removal, most of the time, the mugshot appears on Google search when we are looking for it, because we search with the specific name, and the results appear right away. Any good removal service will try to deindex the link completely, and here is what that exactly means.

Deindexing means eradicating a link from Google in order that the content material is not seen in search results when somebody googles your name. Though the article nonetheless exists, it will only be accessed if somebody has a direct link to the URL (in which case they already knew about the article to start with) or if somebody goes to the website where the article is posted and finds it there.

First, understand that Google doesn’t create or control online content material. Thus, as a way to take away content, it is advisable to reach out to the writer. If the writer refuses to take away the content, then Google should still agree to remove the article from its search results if it violates its terms of service.

The timeframe for article removal varies extensively from case to case. Whereas some instances take only a few weeks to finish, others may take a number of months. When you have to request and procure additional data or documentation (similar to underlying court records), this will add to the general processing time. Most circumstances, however, are resolved within three months.

Do I Need a Removal Service to Take Down Criminal Records?

If you want to avoid the hassle of doing it all by yourself and actually have someone that will guarantee you success in the process, then we highly suggest going for a service that will remove a mugshot from the Internet.

These services specialize in the whole step-by-step process and probably handled lots of similar cases where they needed to remove a difficult arrest record that was published online. In many cases, mugshot removal services work directly with mugshot websites to get embarrassing arrest photos taken down quickly.

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These companies advertise their services with proof of their work. You will be able to request more details. Just sign in to their newsletter with a registered mail and you will receive all the needed details in your inbox.

If you are after removing other records from the Internet and not only the criminal ones, then most of them will be able to help you out with that issue as well, and truth to be told, there is nothing more difficult than removing details about a person that was wrongdoing in the society.

Clearing Online Arrest Records and Mugshots

Preserve your online reputation and integrity and clear out your name if you are able to find your mugshot online. Most of the time, when you are charged with some minor offenses and your mugshot ends up online, you will not have a hard time removing that.

Also, we want to inform you at this last stage of our article that some criminal dossiers cannot be removed from the internet. Here is what cannot be removed:

  • Murder
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Abduction
  • Domestic Violence

If you are charged with some of the above charges, you will not be able to remove them and these details will stay online as long as those websites exist.

So turn on your moral compass and start with doing some changes in terms of improving your contribution to the community and clearing your name, both online and in the real world.

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