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February 19, 2021



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Social reputation management is vital to business today. Consumers expect to find out what they need to know about your company's products, services, and Reputation by doing a quick search online. According to a 2020 survey from Trustpilot, close to nine out of ten people read online reviews before deciding to buy.


In the age of the internet, consumers learn what they need to know about your organization from search engines and social media.


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What Is a Social Reputation?

Online, a company's social reputation is the overall opinion that stands out among the reviews, comments, and discussions. Ultimately an organization's reputation projects brand image to current customers, prospective clients, employees, and other stakeholders.


Much like your personal reputation, a business's social reputation can be the deciding factor on whether or not someone feels they can trust you.

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What is Social Reputation Management?

At its core, social reputation management is the planned digital media strategy organizations use to engage with customers, employees, investors, and partners. It includes monitoring social media channels and other digital platforms where your audience engages and talks about your business.


These days consumers are online. They like, comment, and share on social networking platforms such as:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

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They also share product reviews via image and video sharing on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok, to name a few. You might even find discussions about your company, products, or customer service on community discussion sites.


How Do You Manage Your Reputation Online?

First, check social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for posts, comments, and mentions. Next, search for your business online. Scour the reviews and star ratings, starting with Google, Amazon, and industry-specific review sites, blogs, and trade journals.


Listen to What People Are Saying

Social reputation management requires listening to customers, employees, the community, and other stakeholders. The data you collect is your guide to building a better reputation through developing experiences that exceed expectations.


Investing in a social listening tool helps streamline the process with options to:


  • Track mentions and conversations
  • Monitor online reviews
  • Create customizable streams
  • Schedule posts


You can set up real-time notifications [email protected], branded keywords, and hashtags regarding your business. Of course, it's also essential to gather feedback through surveys, email, and website feedback forms.


Reputation management is an ongoing process requiring constant monitoring.

Social Monitoring

Considering how many places people gather online, social reputation management is how an organization stays on top of what consumers say about their brand.


A Bizrate Insights survey reveals that close to 60 percent of consumers read Google reviews. Platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and other business rating sites need consistent monitoring as part of a business's reputation management plan.


A 2019 survey from Bright Local found that three in four shoppers say that online reviews and personal recommendations are equally trustworthy sources. Not only that, but Bright Local says that 97 percent of consumers read the business's response to both positive and negative feedback.


What's more, monitoring is only the beginning. Managing the business's reputation means engaging with your audience. What happens if your employees, partners, or clients aren't happy?


How your organization handles negative feedback and bad reviews are vital to social reputation management.


Be Proactive and Ask Questions

Ask yourself: Do reviews indicate happy customers? Are there negative reviews that need addressing? Don't forget to ask your team for reviews and listen to employee feedback.


Your organization should be there to answer questions and concerns for customers, prospects, and employees. Not only that, but you also want to respond when someone gives the company a shout-out.


When you're monitoring your company's online reputation, you can respond quickly. Some things to keep in mind when you're responding to any comment:


  • Keep it personal—not a generic response
  • Remain professional
  • Always say thank you
  • Move concerns off of social media


Think of social reputation management as an aspect of customer service. It's not about putting out fires—positive feedback and negative comments present opportunities to demonstrate what your customers can expect from your brand.


Put Reviews, Comments, and Content to Work

Remember that it's necessary to post content regularly. Publish success stories and positive reviews from satisfied customers. In addition to customer comments, employee mentions are a valuable asset that can build brand loyalty.


Regularly posting informative articles and sharing them on social media shows search engines that your profiles and blog are active and relevant. Taking the time to produce rich content illustrates that you understand the audience's needs. And great content builds trust in your brand.


Social media is also an opportunity to build a better reputation by sharing your brand's goals and core values. You can help build a positive brand reputation by sharing how your organization gives back to the community.


How Do You Measure Your Company's Social Reputation?

Social reputation management includes reviewing analytics metrics such as social media reach, which accounts for the people who have seen your brand content on social platforms. Your company's reach includes follower and subscriber metrics that reveal brand recognition and popularity.


Another measurement is your organization's share of voice across different channels. Some of these metrics include the number of:

  • Impressions
  • Mentions
  • Shares
  • Hashtags
  • Comments

Create Guideline and Train Your Team

Your organization's reputation is too important to leave comments unattended or answered by team members with no training. As you develop your response plan, also consider who should monitor reviews and comments. Who is the point person to deliver the response?


Make the process clear.


Tough questions or harsh criticism may require an escalation to management for answers. Who is the person likely to handle those challenges?


Handling Negative Comments

Inevitably, you will have to deal with negative comments. How you handle the interaction is the most important thing. Like all customer service, it's vital to handle negative feedback with understanding and empathy.


One consideration is that you should never delete customer posts. Deleting negative comments can add fuel to the social fire and make your company look worse. The best way to respond to criticism is to let the person know that you're listening and want to help.


Above all, remain professional. Don't argue on social media. Remember, there is always an audience.


What Does a Professional Reputation Management Company Do?

Developing a consistent social reputation management plan takes time. The good news is that you can partner with a reputation management company like Net Reputation to identify the top search phrases and keywords associated with your brand.


We provide a reputation analysis that identifies the top search results for your company. Then we group them into categories, analyze, and score the baseline results. We measure the problematic, neutral, ambiguous, and positive search results and content from your web properties and profiles.


And we analyze competitors with similar names, brands, and services.


Our research reveals patterns that we use, to inform the next steps. Depending on what we find, we can combine removals and suppression strategies.


Next, we conduct a gap analysis to examine key differences between competitor results and your company. The outcome illuminates potential threats to your organization's reputation and opportunities to improve it.


Strategic Planning

A complete gap analysis provides the foundation to build a content development plan to generate a positive online presence and improve reach. We optimize search results and customize an internet reputation development schedule to address and reduce sensitive and negative impressions.


Once we complete our analysis, we collaborate with you to determine the best solution to repair and revitalize your online reputation.


Influencer and hashtag research is another benefit that comes with working with a reputation management company. Identifying industry-specific influencers and trends are integral to promoting a positive online reputation.


Work With Net Reputation

Are you searching for a social reputation management company because you've found negative reviews, or worse, online?


Net Reputation is a full-service firm that develops comprehensive solutions to help your company repair its reputation. As an online reputation management firm, we focus on removing negative reviews, information, and comments. And, we create positive content to grow your brand and rebuild your brand image.


Our twofold reputation management approach cleans up your online reputation and builds brand recognition and loyalty. We create websites, business directory listings, and social media profiles. We'll also enhance existing blogs and properties that you control and influence.


Among other things, our services help suppress:


  • Internet slander
  • Negative public information
  • Internet Defamation
  • Complaint Websites
  • Court Cases
  • Litigation


If you need assistance with your company's social reputation management, we can help. Give us a call for a free analysis.

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