Blog Reputation Management for Chiropractors: How to Take Control of Your Online Image

Reputation Management for Chiropractors: How to Take Control of Your Online Image

Reputation management for chiropractors may be what you need to correct your image and reach more patients.

You might not think about reputation management for chiropractors. That is until you see negative reviews online. Then you realize your clients aren’t happy.

Here’s the thing. You may have already lost potential patients.

Brightlocal survey found three out of four consumers say they trust reviews they read online. What’s more, Global Web Index found close to half of all internet users post a review at least once per month.

Maybe you didn’t know how much a bad review could cost your business. The good news is you can take these steps to take control.

What Is Reputation Management?

Reputation management for chiropractors is about being proactive. First, you’ll want to do an analysis. It’s time to find out how your practice comes across to its audience.

Start by reviewing the chiropractor’s presence in places such as:

  • Social media
  • Review sites
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Your website

Do a name search. You might be surprised by what pops up on the first couple of pages. What you learn will help you build an online narrative that you control.

Reputation Management for Chiropractors: Control the Narrative

Next, create relevant content and promote it. Present yourself as an authority. Write informative blog posts. And don’t forget to link to your clinic’s about us page and the chiropractor’s biography.

Regularly blogging with helpful information builds trust. The more information you put out about your practice, the better. You want to rule those first couple of pages on Google.

Use Local SEO to Your Advantage

Here’s the thing. Google can recognize when a user searches for something local. Consequently, publishing your clinic’s name, address, and phone number make it easier for search engines to validate your business.

For example, set up your profile on Google My Business. Then add pictures, information about the staff, services, awards, and specialties that make your practice stand out. Similarly, fill in all of your clinic’s information on your social pages.

Did you know that 60 percent of consumers check Google My Business for reviews? It’s easy to see why you want to keep this profile updated.

Last, keep your information consistent throughout platforms.

Reputation Management for Chiropractors: Policies and Guidelines

A policy keeps things consistent. You need a plan to handle negative reviews and feedback. It’s critical to have a list of best practices because everyone must be on the same page.

For example, you never want to argue with people online. If you get negative feedback, it’s important to address it with a professional attitude. By all means, take it offline if you feel things will get heated.

Remember that when people complain, they mostly want to be heard. Listening goes a long way online. Acknowledge the negative feedback and use your policy to determine the best action to take.

Not only that but clear guidelines on how to respond to feedback mean fewer problems in the long run. To that end, provide training sessions to help your staff understand and use your policy guidelines. Similarly, designate a responsible party to deal with complex issues.

Create a Content Strategy

Your content strategy should illustrate your experience, knowledge, and concern for your patients. It includes things such as writing informative blog posts that answer your patient’s questions. You can include a FAQ page on your website. Keep a list of questions and update your FAQ page regularly.

Hubspot suggests some questions to consider that include:

  • Who is reading your content?
  • Which problems can you solve?
  • What makes your chiropractic practice unique?
  • What formats will you use?
  • Where will you publish your content?

Perhaps the most pressing question is, how will you manage it all? You can designate staff. Or you can reach out to professionals for help.

Use the Power of Social Media

These days everyone is on social media. That’s why you need to be there as well. Ensure all the sections of your profiles are updated.

Then share information about the chiropractor, clinic, and support staff. You can also highlight things like:

  • Specials
  • Awards
  • Patients
  • New staff
  • Blog posts

You can increase your reach online with engaging content. The result is a better reputation.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

Continuous monitoring is part of online reputation management for chiropractors. After all, your patients will leave reviews. You need to know what they say.

You want to engage with your audience. Your staff and patients might comment on social media. Or leave a Google review. They could connect on your website. Or talk about you in an interview.

Regardless, you want to be sure to engage with your audience when they leave feedback. Responding to comments, reviews, and feedback demonstrate good customer service. It helps you build relationships with patients, potential clients, and your staff too.

You can also set up a monitoring system to get notifications when someone mentions you or your practice online. That way, you’re always up to date, and you can get back to them within hours.

Professional Online Reputation Management Services

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