Define yourself online to manage your online reputation as an executive

 by: Brian McHale, CEO, Marca Global When you find negative content about you or your company online, knowing the right way to defend and define yourself online can be tricky. If you rely on a reactive, passive approach, your efforts will be too little, too late. The damage to your brand will be hard to overcome. If you move too aggressively and go overboard with your...

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Twitter and the importance of public perception online

 by: Colleen Brown, Founder, Marca Global Beyond Conservative or Liberal: The Universal Media Bias In this post, Reputation Sciences™ looks at real-life scenarios and the business consequences of fake news and media bias. Businesses today must understand the importance of public perception online. And they need to prepare for the new digital battlefield of corporate reputation warfare. We'll highlight the importance of vigilance, preparation, and strategic planning...

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iPad and reports show SEO is an important part of online reputation management strategy

 by: Brian McHale, CEO, Marca Global Managing your business reputation online is as much about natural exposure as it is about the right message. In fact, even the best messaging strategy matters little if no member of your target audience actually sees it. That's what makes search engine optimization and results so crucial to your online reputation management strategy. Every year, Google alone processes more than 3.5...

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