Yelp Review Removal: Tips for Removing Bad Yelp Reviews


March 17, 2021



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If you own a business and get bad reviews online, it could affect your bottom line. You may have already felt the impact of bad reviews if you're searching for Yelp review removal. Forbes says that if your business has two negative reviews on the first page of search results, you could lose over 44 percent of your customers.


At three negative reviews, you stand to lose over half your business. On the other hand, a one-star increase could result in up to a nine percent increase in business, according to a Harvard Business School study.


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Either way, it's essential to pay attention to what people say about you and your company online. If you're struggling with negative reviews, there are steps you can take for Yelp review removal. Here's what you need to know.


What is Yelp?

Consumers use Yelp to find information, rate stores, write reviews, and post photos. Yelp is the number one business directory online. Over 180 million users worldwide check the site to locate the best places to do business in their town.


They turn to Yelp when they're searching for information about local businesses like:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Professional services

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In fact, 42 percent of consumers purchase on the same day they read reviews. And 25 percent buy something within a few hours. Consumers also add business information to the database.


I Found My Business Listing on Yelp. What Should I Do?

Yelp is free to use, and it's an excellent source for paid advertising. What's more, your business may already have a profile. If so, you need to claim your business listing.

First, search for your company's profile on the Yelp for Business website. Enter your business name and the listing will pop up.

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If you don't see an option to claim the page, someone else might have already claimed it. Or the business page may be pending approval.


Either way, you can sign-up and log-in to Yelp. Then give Yelp customer service a call. If you can't verify your claim over the phone through the automated system, you'll receive a prompt to submit a report to Yelp support.


If you have an option to claim the page, click on “Claim Site” or “Add to Yelp for Free.” Now you can fill in the accurate information and post photos of the business.


First, verify your business page. Then update the page with accurate information such as:


  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Store Hours
  • Customer service email
  • Menu items
  • Photos


Ultimately, You can help build your brand's image on your Yelp page and link to your other pages online. Use the site to your advantage for free advertisement, even if you've found negative reviews. The more information you list, the better.

Once you've built out your page, you can address any negative reviews.


Yelp Review Removal FAQs

Yelp takes its consumer reviews seriously. The company believes that the best reviews are personal and passionate, with helpful tips for other consumers that reflect the reviewers' experience. To that end, Yelp has guidelines for reviews that they must:


  • Be an example from personal experience
  • Accurate to the experience
  • Can't demand payment to remove the review
  • Reviews should get updates according to new experiences


The company promotes firsthand experiences, without broad generalizations or allegations, not hear-say. They expect facts and opinions that don't exaggerate an experience.


Reviews should be informative, not threatening, or as a way to get the business to pay to remove it. Yelp also asks that consumers not repost the same information multiple times. Instead, Yelp wants review updates that reflect new experiences and interactions with the business.


What Are Yelp's General Content Guidelines?

Yelp wants its content to be relevant, addressing the customer experience. The site doesn't tolerate inappropriate content, language, threats, bigotry, or harassment. Additionally, a consumer's contributions should be unbiased and objective.


A business shouldn't ask customers for reviews, nor should an owner review their own business to avoid conflicts of interest. Also, it's vital to preserve people's privacy. To that end, never post names or photos of patrons without permission.


If you want to advertise, you need to purchase Yelp advertising and go through a Business Account. Finally, do not take content from other consumers or businesses. Create your own.


If reviews on your business profile violate any of Yelp's guidelines, you have good reason to request a Yelp review removal.


Yelp Review Removal Procedure

Yelp wants users to stand behind their reviews and therefore doesn't take sides in factual disputes. However, the company requests that you report them if you see reviews that violate the site's rules and guidelines.


Moderators review the claim. Then Yelp will email you a notification of the results.


How Long Does It Take to Remove a Negative Review?

It can take several days to get the decision. If Yelp determines to leave the review posted, you can file a lawsuit against the reviewer if you believe the remarks are defamatory and untrue.


The website also uses automated software to recommend reviews. This guideline-informed software may determine the review in question isn't reliable enough to recommend.


How Should I Respond to Negative Reviews On Yelp?

If the negative review remains on your profile, responding to the reviewer is the best tactic. You can also direct message them. Simply deleting a valid complaint wouldn't help your company's reputation anyway.


It's essential to respond to negative reviews. Responding illustrates that you care about your customer's experiences with your business and shows that you value their feedback.


Even the most upset customer could change their review or update it to reflect their new experience if you show them you care. Communication is vital to customer service both in-person and online.


Here are a few things to consider when you respond:


  • Don't take it personally
  • Reply in your brand voice
  • Be kind and polite
  • Don't get emotional
  • Be brief and helpful


If you need a longer discussion, take it offline. People post negative reviews to have a voice. They want your business to pay attention to their experience.


Make it clear that you want to help, and you're likely to not only flip the review but also win a loyal customer. Of course, some reviews are bogus, and you'll want a Yelp review removal to get rid of them.


How Can I Improve My Business's Online Reviews?

You shouldn't ask customers to review your business on Yelp. The review site is for unsolicited customer reviews. But it's a good idea to encourage your reviews on your website.


Optimize your digital resources, including your:


  • Website
  • Social profiles
  • Blog posts
  • Emails


You can up your customer service image and provide easy ways for your customers to leave reviews by setting up a directory to your profile pages and comment sections.


Soliciting Customer Reviews

There's nothing wrong with asking your customers to review your business. It shows them you care. The key is in knowing how and when to ask for feedback.


Timing can be everything. Here are some key moments to ask for a review:


  • At re-purchase or re-order
  • When a customer refers people
  • If they express success with your services or products
  • When they tag your brand ion social media
  • If they spend a lot of time browsing on your website


The truth is, getting great reviews is about communication and providing excellent customer service. If you build a loyal customer base, you're likely to get the positive reviews you want.


How Can I Build a Better Brand Image Online?

If there is some truth to the negative reviews you found on Yelp, then you're likely to find more of the same elsewhere online. You can repair your image. One great way is to get social.


People read reviews online, and they get together on social media to talk about the brands they love and hate. While businesses used to be skeptical about social media advertising, today, people know that maintaining a social media presence is important.


Your social reputation management is vital to engage your customers and your employees as well. Your team can be a source for great reviews on social media, your website, and sites like Glassdoor.


If you want to build a better reputation, there's no better place to start than on social media. Your fans will like, comment, and share news and reviews. If you have negative reviews on Yelp or elsewhere, new posts and likes will send those old negative comments further down in the search engine results pages.

Create New Content

In addition to engaging with your customers and potential customers on social media, you want to create as much new content as possible. Again, new, rich content will bury those negative reviews and help rebuild your online image. You can build a website, create a blog, post on Medium, and submit guest posts to industry-specific sites.


The key is to listen to what people are saying and let those comments inform your actions. Are they complaining about a return policy, a defective product, or a rude customer service person? You can address those issues with content as well as changes within your organization.

What if I need Help Taking Care of My Online Reputation?

Scouring the internet for negative reviews and mentions is time-consuming. Plus, monitoring your reputation is an ongoing task. There are reputation management companies whose sole purpose is to help your clean up your online image.


Reputation Sciences provides online reputation management services as we audit your digital footprint, accounting for every review, comment, article, and social mention that concerns your brand. Our data-driven SWOT analysis identifies opportunities to improve your online reputation. We also do a complete competitor analysis for an in-depth look into how your online reputation holds up compared to similar brands.


Then we repair your reputation and monitor the results.


Need help managing your negative online reviews and building a better reputation online? Contact our Review Management Team today to learn how we can help.

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