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Social Media as a Reputation Management Tool

Social media sites have become a prominent source of online marketing and brand advertising, so is it any wonder that sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can present a potentially major hazard to your online image?

How Many Positives Does It Take to Remedy A Negative?

Companies and individuals often overlook the potential of social media to damage their online reputations, yet the prevalence of social media sites offer many ways for a competitor, employee, angry customer or even just a general naysayer to post and publish highly visible and negative items about your brand and/or your character. If you aren’t up to speed on your social media presence, you may be subject to damaging, and possibly even devastating consequences.

reputation management tool, social mediaCustomers who have undergone a negative experience with a business, according to, are over twice as likely to post about it on a social media site than those who have undergone a positive one. In other words, though your business may be able to brag about a high customer satisfaction rate, you are far more likely to fall victim to negative commentary then to benefit from positive customer reviews.

Consumers, however, aren’t the only people who can negatively impact your online reputation. Disgruntled employees, both current and former, are also apt to make damaging and/or disparaging remarks about their companies through their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Without a strong social media policy in place, these posts can become a murky and highly-delicate legal matter that benefits no one.

Reputation Management Tool:  Social Media

A strong and coherent social media policy protects both your business and your employees from the potential of a publicly visible and negative dispute. Having a clearly-defined social media policy helps keep negativity out of the spotlight.

It turns out that social media does matter, and that a proactive and positive social media presence can help you protect your business and yourself from reputation crises.

Blair Brown

Blair Brown is the President & Chief Operating Officer at Reputation Sciences. She has a legal background and provides strategic leadership to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies. Blair is an avid dog and horse lover and when she is not hard at work she is volunteering and fostering for animal rescues.

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