Blog How Your Online Reputation Affects Your Career

How Your Online Reputation Affects Your Career

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Online Reputation Affects: Have you ever Googled yourself?

If not, now may be the time. Because the results that pop up during searches of your name are the same things your boss, coworkers and clients are finding when they’re searching you online.

And like it or not, they are searching.

A recent survey found that nearly 70 percent of employers Google prospects during the hiring process, while more than 60 percent sort through social networks to find info that supports the candidate’s qualifications—profiles that tend to get top billing during any online search.

What’s more: over half of hiring managers surveyed rejected a job prospect due to content they found on social media. More than 50 percent!

So, if you aren’t on top of your search results—those links, images and social media posts that make up your online reputation—you may be losing out on opportunities before the interviews ever begin!

Employers are researching you online, but they’re not alone

Without a good dose of online reputation management, you’re not only fighting an uphill battle when it comes to getting a job, but also as when vying for that much-needed promotion—or when you’re simply trying to make a name for yourself at your present firm.

HR managers and recruiters aside, it’s often those you work with every day that can hold you back the most.

And if your online reputation isn’t up to snuff, anyone from colleagues to managers could be using that negative online information against you—that which can hurt your performance and prevent you from achieving the raise, promotion and responsibility you deserve.

Then, your clients get in on the action

When companies and coworkers find damaging personal information the web, your career suffers. But what happens when clients do the same?

Chances are good that if your job involves interfacing with clients, i.e. customers, they’re looking you up online. And if they’re finding less-than-flattering posts or a less-than-stellar online reputation, it’s not just your career that’s suffering—you’re also hurting your bottom line.

Clients want to know that those they do business with can be trusted. But if your search results are falling short of conveying a polished, professional online image, their expectations will quickly begin to erode, as well as the trust you need to earn and maintain their business for any length of time.

And don’t forget competitors.

Whether you’re applying for a job or running a business, you have competitors. And what better way for those competitors to leap ahead and leave you in the dust than a bad online reputation.

What may have once seemed harmless social media threads and online commentary are now powerful weapons in their online arsenal—those that can be amplified, shared and spread to destroy your credibility and crater your career, sometimes in an instant and most often without warning.

Protect your career with online reputation management and Online Reputation Effects

Don’t let an online background check or years-old Facebook post stand between you and your career. Take control of your online presence before it’s too late.

With a professional, customized online reputation management solution, you’re in the digital driver’s seat. Call us today at (844) 458-6735.

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