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Glassdoor Reviews and Employer Branding Success

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Glassdoor is a popular online platform where employees can anonymously review companies and employers can showcase their brand and job opportunities. With over 60 million users, Glassdoor has become a powerful tool for job seekers to research potential employers and for companies to build and maintain their employer brand.

As the job market becomes more competitive, employer branding has become crucial for companies to attract and retain top talent. Glassdoor reviews play a significant role in shaping an employer’s cover image for branding its brand image, making it imperative for employers to pay attention to their ratings and reviews on the platform.

Research shows that job seekers are highly influenced by Glassdoor reviews, with 76% stating that an organization’s overall rating and reviews are crucial in their decision to apply for a job. Therefore, employers need to understand the impact of Glassdoor reviews on their employer brand and take necessary steps to improve their ratings and reviews.

Employers can improve their Glassdoor reviews in various ways, including:

  • Encourage Employee Feedback: By creating a culture of open communication and actively soliciting employee feedback, employers can encourage employees to leave positive reviews on Glassdoor.
  • Respond to Reviews: Employers should take the time to respond to both positive and negative reviews on Glassdoor, showing that they value and listen to their employees’ opinions.
  • Address Negative Reviews: Employers should address negative reviews and take necessary steps to improve upon the issues highlighted by employees.
  • Showcase Positive Reviews: Employers can highlight positive reviews on their company website, social media, and other marketing materials to showcase their positive employer brand image.

In addition to Glassdoor reviews, other factors contributing to employer branding success include a strong company culture, attractive employee compensation and benefits and perks, career growth opportunities, and a diverse and inclusive work environment. Employers can utilize their Glassdoor reviews to improve their employer brand by incorporating them into their branding materials, addressing negative feedback, and utilizing Glassdoor as a recruitment tool. By actively managing their Glassdoor reviews, employers can build a positive and reputable employer brand that attracts top talent and retains satisfied employees.

What Is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is a platform where employees and former employees can anonymously review companies and their management. This unique platform offers valuable insights into top companies for compensation, company culture, salaries, benefits, and interviews, making it a valuable resource for job seekers looking to evaluate potential employers. A pro tip for companies is to encourage satisfied employees to leave positive reviews, which can help boost their employer branding.

Why Are Glassdoor Reviews Important for Employer Branding?

Glassdoor reviews play a pivotal role in shaping an employer’s branding strategy and provide invaluable insights into various facets of the company, including its culture, work environment, compensation and benefits, and overall employee satisfaction. These reviews serve as a window into the organization’s inner workings, offering a level of transparency that is highly valuable for potential candidates in their job search.

Positive reviews can have a profound impact on an employer’s ability to attract top talent. When prospective employees come across glowing reviews by job title, they are more likely to view the company as an attractive destination for their career. Positive feedback highlights the organization’s strengths and underscores its commitment to providing a positive and fulfilling work experience. As a result, it can significantly enhance the employer’s brand reputation, making it stand out in a crowded job market. Moreover, when current employees see their positive experiences acknowledged and celebrated in reviews, it can boost their morale and strengthen their connection to the company.

Conversely, negative feedback, though initially concerning, can catalyze positive change. When companies encounter critical comments and negative reviews on Glassdoor, it can signal the need to address internal issues and shortcomings. By taking these concerns seriously and implementing necessary improvements, organizations can work towards enhancing their employer brand. Negative reviews can serve as constructive feedback that prompts companies to make tangible changes, leading to a more positive work environment for former employees and, ultimately, improved employer branding.

Foster a positive work culture and address concerns constructively to encourage employee engagement on Glassdoor and strengthen your employer brand.

How Do Glassdoor Reviews Affect Employer Branding?

Glassdoor reviews have a significant impact on employer branding as they:

  • Influence Perceptions: Reviews can shape potential candidates’ perceptions of a company’s workplace culture and values.
  • Attract Top Talent: Positive reviews can attract top talent, while negative ones may deter potential candidates.
  • Affect Employee Morale: Current employees can be affected by Glassdoor reviews, which can impact their satisfaction and engagement.
  • Contribute to Public Image: Glassdoor reviews can contribute to a company’s public image, ultimately affecting its reputation.

It is important to regularly monitor and respond to Glassdoor reviews to manage your business outlook and your employer’s brand image actively.

How Can Employers Improve Their Glassdoor Reviews?

Glassdoor has become a popular platform for employees to share their experiences and opinions about their employers. In today’s competitive job market, having positive Glassdoor reviews can greatly impact an employer’s brand and success in attracting top talent. So, how can employers improve their Glassdoor reviews? Let’s dive into some effective strategies, such as encouraging anonymous employee feedback, responding to reviews, addressing negative feedback, and showcasing positive reviews. By implementing these methods, employers can enhance their Glassdoor presence and improve their employer branding success.

Encourage Employee Feedback:

Encouraging employee feedback is the foundation for fostering a positive online reputation on platforms like Glassdoor. When employers prioritize open communication and actively seek employee input, it creates an environment where employees are more likely to share their positive experiences. When employees feel heard and valued, they are more inclined to leave positive reviews about their workplace on Glassdoor voluntarily. This contributes to a favorable employer brand and attracts top talent looking for organizations prioritizing employee engagement and satisfaction.

Respond to Reviews:

Responding to reviews on Glassdoor is a crucial step for employers in managing their online presence. Employers should acknowledge positive reviews with gratitude and address negative ones with empathy and a commitment to improvement. Responding to positive and negative reviews demonstrates that the company values employees’ opinions and actively maintains a positive work environment. It also shows prospective candidates that the organization is responsive and attentive to feedback, which can be a compelling factor for potential hires.

Address Negative Reviews:

Negative reviews on Glassdoor can be a source of concern, but they also present an opportunity for growth and improvement. Employers should not ignore or dismiss negative feedback but view it as a valuable source of information. Employers can take concrete steps to rectify problems and enhance the workplace environment by addressing the issues highlighted in negative reviews. This proactive approach mitigates potential reputational damage and tells employees that their concerns are taken seriously and that the company is committed to positive changes.

Showcase Positive Reviews:

Positive reviews on Glassdoor are a testament to a company’s strong employer brand and employee satisfaction. Employers can leverage these positive reviews by showcasing them on various platforms, such as their company website, social media, and marketing materials. By sharing these reviews, employers bolster their reputation as an employer of choice and create a sense of pride among current employees. Positive reviews are powerful endorsements, influencing potential candidates and showcasing the company’s commitment to providing a positive and fulfilling work environment. Positive Glassdoor reviews branding can help attract top talent and strengthen the company’s brand image in the competitive job market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glassdoor, and how does it relate to employer branding success?

Glassdoor is a popular website where employees and former employees can anonymously review their company and share information about the company’s culture, salaries, interviews, and more. These reviews can significantly impact an employer’s brand, influencing how potential candidates, employees, and current employees perceive the company.

How can Glassdoor reviews impact an employer’s brand?

Glassdoor reviews can greatly impact an employer’s brand by providing valuable insights into the company’s culture, work environment, and overall employee satisfaction. Positive reviews can attract top talent and improve the company’s reputation, while negative reviews can turn potential candidates away and damage the company’s brand.

Can employers respond to Glassdoor reviews?

Yes, employers have the option to respond to Glassdoor reviews, both positive and negative. This can be a great opportunity to address any concerns or issues raised in the review, show appreciation for positive feedback, and demonstrate that the company is actively listening and taking action to improve.

How can employers use Glassdoor reviews to improve their employer branding success?

Employers can use Glassdoor reviews to gain valuable insights into their company’s strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing and addressing common themes or concerns mentioned in reviews, employers can make changes and improvements to impact their employer brand and attract top talent positively.

Are there any best practices for maintaining a positive employer brand on Glassdoor?

Yes, there are several best practices for maintaining a positive employer brand on Glassdoor. These include actively monitoring and responding to current employee reviews, encouraging current employees to leave reviews, showcasing company culture and perks on the Glassdoor profile, and addressing any negative reviews professionally and empathetically.

Can using Glassdoor for employer branding success also benefit current employees?

Yes, using Glassdoor for employer branding success can also benefit current employees. Employees can feel more satisfied and motivated by receiving positive reviews and recognition. Additionally, by addressing any concerns mentioned in reviews suggested companies follow up, employers can create a better work environment for their current employees.


Glassdoor reviews are essential for companies to understand how current and potential employees perceive them. They offer transparency, influence decision-making, and have the power to attract top talent or spur positive change within the organization. In today’s competitive job market, the significance of maintaining a positive online reputation through employee reviews cannot be overstated.