Reputation management is our craft, and our tools are advanced solutions backed with expertise.


Professional online reputation management services typically begins with a closer look at your digital footprint, including the identification of all positive, negative and neutral mentions of your brand on the web. This audit process is designed to root out any problems or threats your brand is facing, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and gain a better sense of your visibility, ranking and authority for product and industry-related search terms.


The online reputation management phase is usually where your ORM services are put into action. This often includes removing threats, mitigating damage, improving search rankings and creating a more positive, compelling brand presence. Generally, the repair phase of your ORM strategy combines elements of negative information removal, content suppression, asset creation, search engine optimization (SEO), online review management services and autocomplete correction to build out a more competitive online image.


Ongoing monitoring is crucial to keeping your online reputation management services on track. Brand monitoring is generally used to reinforce your reputation repair plan and ensure your brand is protected throughout the course of your ORM efforts. A comprehensive monitoring plan notifies you when new blogs, comments and social mentions of your brand are posted on the web, providing you adequate time to prepare a response and adjust your approach.



For DIY reputation management strategists, Google Alerts offers a simple and relatively easy way to monitor mentions of your brand online. Free to anyone with a Google account, the Google Alerts tool allows you to set up an alert that emails you anytime it recognizes a new mention of your business, ensuring you can react and respond quickly to news surrounding your brand.

Though the Alerts tool does have a number of limitations, it is fairly intuitive—and may be a good place to start if you’re taking on the challenge of online reputation management services on your own.


Rankur’s primary focus is on monitoring your social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), though it also purports to offer anything from brand and audience analytics, and web intelligence tools to web monitoring, online review management services and more. Available in tiered service packages and at different monthly subscription rates, Rankur services may help you better understand your social media footprint and how to use social channels to your advantage.

Rankur also offers “online reputation alerts” that can be customized to detect and notify you of negative online content when it appears on popular online review sites.


InfoSweep is a digital monitoring tool providing 24/7 monitoring of your name and personal information, such as any existing or past phone numbers, addresses, or other private information that may be widely available online. Listed as a comprehensive online monitoring solution, InfoSweep offers individual and business brands customized, round-the-clock privacy monitoring that tracks your personal data and sends alerts once new info pops up on data-aggregate sites—as well as removal services for deleting your info, and that of your relatives, from hundreds of data-search sites across the web.

An easy, effective tool for monitoring and protecting your online privacy, InfoSweep memberships start at just $19/month—a cost-efficient addition to any brand’s online reputation management services strategy.


Mention offers several monthly packages for monitoring and publishing on popular social sites. Each package comes with progressively broader coverage in terms of creating brand alerts, tracking mentions, and scheduling and publishing posts on social—though each also comes with a higher monthly price tag.

Mention’s social monitoring platform could be an effective DIY reputation management tool in terms of reining in your brand on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn—and for gaining insights into competitor and industry performance on social—but its usefulness begins and ends within the social media sphere. If you choose Mention, it may be best to supplement the tool with other ORM solutions for a more robust reputation management experience.


A social media monitoring tool, Social Searcher claims to offer premium monitoring of your brand and other desired keywords on top social sites. Though the initial sign-up for Social Searcher is free, more robust social monitoring packages (those including more email alerts, additional keyword monitoring, etc.) are available at progressively higher monthly fees, with the “Professional” package providing the most extensive search and coverage value the company has to offer.

For the right price, Social Searcher claims to go beyond providing lists of brand mentions on social to deliver detailed analytics on your brand’s social activity, including measurements on engagement and customer sentiment.

For the right price, Social Searcher claims to go beyond providing lists of brand mentions on social to deliver detailed analytics on your brand’s social activity, including measurements on engagement and customer sentiment.


Reputation Sciences™ offers a variety of free online reputation management tools and services for expanding brand insight and getting your DIY reputation management strategy off on the right foot.

Our no-cost Brand Visibility Quiz provides instant insight into your brand’s reach across your industry and throughout key Google search ranking pages, while the Reputation Sciences™ Credibility Tool offers a snapshot of your brand’s overall authority and customer sentiment online.

Our Brand Relevancy Solution helps determine your brand’s appeal among prospective shoppers, and the RepSci Leverage Quiz provides a more comprehensive picture of your company’s accomplishments and how well you’re leveraging your successes to reach customers across the web.


YotPo is first and foremost an online review management services platform, one that purportedly allows you to collect and analyze your company’s reviews while utilizing customer feedback data to encourage reviews and ratings at the point of purchase. YotPo provides the user visual marketing tools with the intent of compelling better reviews at different stages of the buyer’s journey and strengthening brand loyalty among past and prospective customers.

Other YotPo features include email marketing solutions and integrations with any eCommerce platforms currently within your marketing framework. Premium plan prices are somewhat unknown, as they are based on the needs of your business (traffic, domains, products, etc.).


If you’re going the route of DIY reputation management, managing your reviews should always one of your top priorities. Review management tools like Review Ninja may help provide a better handle on your brand’s review presence—the awareness needed to respond to online commentary quickly and more effectively, and before negative ratings can do too much damage to your digital reputation.

As an online review management services provider, Review Ninja claims to provide review monitoring and measurement across more than 100 review sites—as well as tools for generating more reviews and growing your review presence on the web.


BuzzSumo is a content research and resource service designed to supplement your company’s content marketing strategy. Divided into four content-focused services (discovery, research, influencers and monitoring), BuzzSumo claims to provide data and analytics on content that will boost your outreach and better connect with consumers—as well as to help you identify content “influencers” to link with your brand and amp up your authority on social.

Each BuzzSumo plan comes with different levels of service and access, with higher-priced plans providing more in terms of search and research capability, social analysis and the number of trending feeds you can create for popular topics.


The Brand Grader purports to provide an introductory “snapshot” into your brand’s online reputation, one that covers mentions of your business on the web and provides a glimpse into how customers perceive and interact with your brand online. Upon entering your brand name and email into this online reputation management services tool, The Brand Grader claims to send you a report on the conversations surrounding your brand, which you could then use to build a stronger presence down the road.

Brand Grader is essentially a one-off monitoring tool with connections to Mention, though it may provide an inkling of insight into potential problems you may not have previously known of.


Reviews can make or break an online reputation. But with the Reputation Sciences™ Review Audit Tool, you can take advantage of a fast and easy way to score and better understand your company’s online review presence—as well as its overall impact on your digital image.

After answering a few basic questions on the Review Audit form, this free review performance solution conducts a fast, comprehensive analysis of your company’s online reviews as well as those of your top local competitor. Once complete, Reputation Sciences™ provides compelling data that can be used to build a more robust review management strategy, attract more customers and craft a more profitable online narrative.


SimilarWeb is a marketing intelligence platform offering data-based services and support across four key areas: marketing, research, sales and investment opportunities. The SimilarWeb platform provides a user-centered portal through which you’re supplied data and analytics concerning your performance against competitors and your industry—as well as opportunities for obtaining leads, developing partnerships and boosting the position of any brand affiliates online.

SimilarWeb is primarily a brand tracking and analytics platform, though it could be a good supplemental tool to have within your DIY reputation management approach. Premium packaging pricing options are based on the extent of your digital brand presence and needs.


With the right mix of DIY online reputation management services, tools and technology, and a significant commitment of time and human resources, effective ORM and brand management may indeed be possible.

But piecing together a comprehensive reputation management strategy on your own, and protecting your brand from harm, is no easy task.

The web creates new risks and becomes more competitive every day. And without the right combination of tools, the right level of preparation, the right ORM team or a full commitment of resources, your strategy is likely to fall short—particularly when it comes to reinforcing your brand footprint, enhancing your company’s online exposure and positioning yourself for success.

At Reputation Sciences™, we specialize in professional, data-driven online reputation management and review management solutions that give your brand that sharpened edge it needs to thrive. Our comprehensive ORM services help ensure your business is covered at each stage of the buyer journey, protecting your brand from online assault while working to boost your KPIs for reach, relevance, authority, and profitability for the long-term.

In a competitive and dangerous digital community, it’s important to know your business, and your integrity, and protected and preserved at all times. At Reputation Sciences™, our goal is to give you the tools you need to defend and define your brand online—and the peace of mind needed to achieve your next-level potential.

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