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Online directory listings help interested consumers find your brand on the internet when they’re looking to buy. They improve your visibility by ensuring accuracy and consistency across the board, and they’re designed to help you get more customers on a regular basis. Though most business owners have heard about how useful online directory listings are, few understand how to make the most of tools like local citation finder and guide their reputation online.

Using these tools, you can monitor your citation growth, keep track of your competition and find new directories in which to list your business to quickly improve your bottom line. In doing so, you’ll bolster your online reputation and appear in more relevant search results, letting you keep up with your competition and avoid getting left behind.


Three main components influencing directory listings are consistency, accuracy and completeness. Eliminating inconsistent data ensures that your customers and search engines can easily identify your business, and consistency can boost your business’s local search results.

With consistent, accurate and complete data, your business will look trustworthy, enticing and reliable to potential customers. Think about it, would you rather buy from a business with duplicate postings and incorrect information or one with positive reviews and accurate contact details? The answer is obvious, and it’s this mindset that many business owners fail to keep in mind when growing their company.

At Reputation Sciences, we’ve used tools like local citation finder, to help thousands of clients just like you, and we have decades of combined experience doing so. You’ll receive a free consultation, a comprehensive analysis and services catered to your specific needs regardless of how large your business is or what industry you’re in.


If you’re like most business owners, the moment you realized the power of your online reputation you started asking yourself questions like “How can I use this to find customers for my business?” We’re here to tell you that you’re asking the right questions, and you’re not alone. In fact, we’re moving toward a world in which tools like local citation finder can make or break a business’s success. The sooner your operation jumps on board with this, the better you’ll fare against the ever-increasing competition.

Such online directory tools are proven effective at bringing in more customers and making the most of your online presence, and we’re going to give you access to them.


Consistent NAPs – or name, address and phone number details – across all directory listings will bring in more new customers and improve your business’s image. At least one in four business listings display incorrect information that create negative first impressions for interested customers. When you’re relying on directory listings to increase your business, there is a clear problem that needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

When you begin a campaign with the Reputation Sciences team, we’ll correct all NAPs to match your current business with the information customers need to find. This means using your local phone number instead of a free phone number or a 1-800 number, listing your current business address instead of a past address or a PO Box, and correcting or updating your business name as necessary.


Our team specializes in creating marketing strategies tailored to the online channels that show the most conversions for your business. We also help determine which sources are working inefficiently or working against you. This allows you to focus on the areas that increase your leads without wasting valuable time and money on those that don’t.

Each directory listing is tailored to your business, industry and target audience to deliver the greatest impact. We’ll select the right category(s) for visibility, create a compelling description that intrigues each potential customer and provide useful information about your business. When combined with the right photos, tags, incentives and engagement, this can dramatically improve your bottom line in a relatively short period of time.


Making sure your customers can find you when they hit the web is the most important part of maintaining a positive online presence. It’s simple marketing, and it can make or break your success. We’ll help you fix your directory listings and make sure clients can find your business when they’re actively looking for a new product/service. The more visible your business is, the better it will stand up against the competition and the more sales you’ll see on a regular basis.

Many of today’s online directories offer tools that allow you to place your business in the eyes of more potential customers in your area every day. For example, by encouraging customers to leave reviews on listings, you can improve how high this listing ranks in Google searches and thus increase how many people will see your excellent reputation. Likewise, by listing your business on more directories, you’ll have more links in organic search results appearing on the first page of Google.

Comprehensive Approach To Success

The Reputation Sciences approach to success is a comprehensive game changer that eliminates inaccurate or duplicate information, replacing it with verified NAPs, and improves your customer satisfaction experience. We’ve helped countless business owners of all sizes improve their bottom lines with excellent success, whether they’re in times of crisis or simply looking for a boost in sales. Our local citation finder tool and directory listing improvement strategies have delivered the reliable, proven results that we’re known for time and time again.

Below, our team has outlined some of the most integral steps of our comprehensive process, adding more information on how they can help your business:

Find inaccurate

Inaccurate citations lead customers astray and ultimately create negative impressions of your brand. We’ll find any citations with outdated or inaccurate information and correct or delete them as necessary for your campaign. In doing so, we’ll improve your conversion rate and your business’s reputation with potential customers.

Fix current

With our proven process, inaccurate or out-of-date listings can be fixed, making them into valuable assets for your business. Any content on the web about your business needs to be accurate and accessible if you want to maintain your good name.

Remove duplicate

Duplicate listings can confuse customers and even make them feel that you’re up to no good. By removing any duplicate directory listings, you’ll make your business appear more reliable, up-to-date and upstanding.

Correct all

All existing directory listings need to be correct if you want your potential customers to find you. We double-check for accurate information, correcting any existing listing to protect your business’s good name.

Phone verification

Today’s consumers don’t trust information that isn’t verified by reliable sources. Your average potential customer is choosey with where they spend their money, and they expect only the best from a business. With our phone verification coordination, you’ll improve your bottom line and better your name on the web.


We value your time and trust, and we provide comprehensive reports on a regular basis to keep you updated on your campaign’s progress. By compiling all the information on your campaign in one place, we save you the hassle of tracking down your stats for each individual website and let you put your attention where it counts.

Add any missing

Nobody’s perfect and many of our clients’ businesses aren’t as widely-listed as they could be. Our team will take charge of creating any missing listings, so your business receives as much visibility as possible. This ensures you’re benefitting as much as possible from your campaign with minimal work on your part.

Enhance online

Online directory listings are designed to enhance your exposure on the web, and we’ll ensure they do just that. With higher-quality listings, accurate information, customer engagement and search engine optimization, you’ll be seen by more people than ever before.


The Reputation Sciences team has won awards and countless positive reviews because we deliver a 100% customer satisfaction experience. Your success and happiness is our highest priority, and we won’t rest until the job is done right. What’s more is that we’ll help you deliver this same excellent service to your clients and customers, further improving your reputation.


Your business is mentioned all over the internet. Most likely, you didn’t have anything to do with it, though it’s important to for your business to be listed in as many online business directories as possible, particularly for local SEO purposes. What’s even more important is having your business featured consistently within each of these directories.

Three main components that influence directory listings are consistency, accuracy and completeness. Eliminating inconsistent data ensures that your customers, Google and other search engines can easily identify your business. Consistency can also boost your business’ local search results.


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