Protect your personal brand. In our web-based society, it’s more important than it’s been at any other point in history to protect and define your name, brand and reputation. It’s a world where anyone can say anything about anyone at any time, and if you don’t protect yourself from this harsh environment with personal brand management, no one will.

Nearly half of adults in the United States say the information about them online isn’t positive, and this number can rise dramatically among high-profile individuals. A bad reputation online has been shown to influence earning potential, trust from investors/partners, cost of business operation and more, and if you’re not managing your online image, you’re likely suffering from some of these negative effects.

From competing professionals and disgruntled ex-business partners to former lovers and angry clients, literally anyone with access to the internet can post about you if they wish. Then, anyone who searches for your name or personal brand can read what’s been said about you, whether it’s true or not, and judge you accordingly. Old arrest records, FCC violations, mugshots, court cases and anything else that might seem private can appear in these results, further changing how you’re viewed by those around you.

As proven digital solution specialists, the Reputation Sciences™ team is here to empower you with the tools, technology and expertise necessary to take control of your brand online. We give you the ability to guide the online conversation and the opportunity to prepare for potential online threats while building a brand that works for you.

Don’t wait another day to define yourself on the web. Take control of your name and your online brand with Reputation Sciences™’s suite of digital brand management solutions so you’re protected for the future.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it

Warren Buffet

Our individual reputation management and brand management services are designed with you in mind. We’ve tailored our strategies to high-profile clients who need an extra barrier of protection in our web-based world. Whether you’re facing issues from past legal problems or threats from an active source, we can help you regain control of what’s being said about you online.

Reputation and brand management with a team like ours require online patience, persistence and cooperation from your end, hundreds of hours of work that you might spend tackling the task on your own.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.

Wendy Piersall

Our personal reputation management services are guaranteed effective in refining your image, strengthening your brand and protecting your name online. The Reputation Sciences™ team has decades of combined experience working with individual professionals just like you, and we know how to handle delicate matters quickly and discreetly. We’ll protect your personal reputation for years to come, eliminate negative items and show the world your best side.

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.


Our digital media management services are designed to help you work with the modern landscape across numerous digital platforms that influence your reputation. We draw on our combined experience in business, branding, media and technology to ensure every aspect of your online presence is consistent, accurate and reaches the optimal audience. With complete website development, digital marketing, directory listings, search engine optimization, brand monitoring and professional content creation, Reputation Sciences™ transforms high-profile professionals into competitive personal brands.

If you’re looking for the next big thing, and you’re looking where everyone else is, you’re looking in the wrong place.


Reputation Sciences™ professionals specialize in strategies that optimize your brand’s online presence. Our Digital Consultation and Analytics solution will provide your high-profile name and brand with the metrics, direction, and strategy necessary to excel in a digital world. With careful analysis and evaluation of each component of your brand’s online presence, we devise a comprehensive digital strategy to drive the growth of your professional online image. Take this opportunity to define, develop and evolve your digital brand.


Did you know that 97% of consumers head to the web when they’re looking for information on a professional or business? Or that 85% of people believe what they find online over what they hear in person? We’re not making these numbers up, and these statistics are steadily rising with each passing year in the age of the internet (Brightlocal, 2017). 2.

High-profile clients from around the world have counted on us to be the discreet team that they can rely on time and time again for personal reputation management. We’ve mastered the art of removing or suppressing negative news items, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) violation notices/complaints, and other government, news and slander articles that show you, the victim, in a negative light.,

No matter the situation you’re facing, we’re confident that we have the reputation solutions for you. We’ve worked with clients facing large-scale slander or defamation from multiple fronts, helping them build a solid reputation while removing negative items and executing damage control. On the other end, however, we’ve helped with proactive campaigns in which the client had no existing negative material and sought only protection against future issues. These are just some of the many situations we’ve helped contain since founding Reputation Sciences™.


If you’d like to get started, your first step with our team will include consultation and analysis. Then, we’ll customize our reputation and digital media management services to suit your individual needs. Once we’ve developed a sound strategy, we’ll present it to you and get to work as soon as you give us your approval.

From there, you’ll receive regular check-ins to update you on your reputation campaign, milestones and statistics. You’ll also receive access to proprietary technologies and platforms that let you manage many aspects of your reputation from home, if you’d like. Our team’s efforts combined with our technologies ensures that you’ll have the information and tools you need to shape your personal brand as you see fit.





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