Online Brand Audit

A comprehensive Internet Reputation Brand Audit provides invaluable insights into your company’s online reputation

Reputation Audit

Our profile defenders conduct a comprehensive online brand reputation audit of your business to reveal articles, blogs, reviews, and social media mentions that compromise your digital footprint.
This audit will later be used as a roadmap as we repair your online reputation and brand image.


Reputation Analysis

This data-driven SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is designed to identify specific opportunities to improve your online reputation. It also provides our profile defenders with a complete perspective of your brand image.

Competitor Analysis

Our competitor analysis provides an in-depth look into how your digital reputation stands up against similar brands. This allows us to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors in your market.

Executive Analysis

Your name is your brand. This comprehensive analysis allows us to examine your reputation to better understand how its positioning and status impact both consumers and search engines.

How a Reputation Audit Works

A reputation audit provides a clearer picture of your company’s online reputation. It’s a roadmap for building a stronger, more impactful, and more profitable digital presence.

During an internet reputation brand audit, we identify and analyze every article, blog, comment, and review on the web featuring your brand. We use this data to build the strategy you need to strengthen your narrative and engage more customers.

Our digital marketing specialists take an in-depth look at how your business is discovered, identified, and engaged with online.

Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, we deliver the actionable data you need to create and apply a more compelling online strategy.

A closer look at the brand audit process

Our proprietary brand audit process combines proven monitoring methods with state-of-the-art web analytics and technology to create a comprehensive picture of your business online.

We dig deep to identify each mention of your brand, evaluate your position among competitors and determine how well you’re performing for important industry keywords.

Our comprehensive brand audit consists of:

Mapping Out Your Online Presence

Each brand assessment begins by identifying each element within your online footprint.

This includes items under your control – your website, managed profiles, guest posts, social media profiles, ads, and marketing elements – and all other mentions of your brand on the web, including:

  • Online reviews
  • Your social media presence (comments & other social mentions)
  • News stories (local & national)
  • Blogs
  • Google My Business
  • Directories
  • And more

This initial brand audit framework provides a critical baseline for identifying threats and building a brand strategy that puts you in the online driver’s seat.

Analyzing Your Competitive Position

How does your brand rank among local competitors? Are you one of the strong brands in your industry?

Our business reputation specialists conduct a brand audit of key competitors in your target market to understand how your reputation and visibility stack up in your field.
Using advanced online survey methods, Google Analytics tools, and proprietary technology, we assess competitor performance for search ranking, customer engagement, brand sentiment, and other critical factors.

We analyze this info to understand what other companies are doing right, where they’re falling short, and how those brands are performing compared to your own online presence.

Once finished, our competitive brand audit reveals a more complete picture of your market position and viability, allowing us to develop corrective strategies for growing market share and getting through to new customers online.

Evaluating Customer Sentiment

The next step in conducting a brand audit is a full customer sentiment analysis. This includes assessing how customers feel, interact with and discuss your business at every brand touchpoint.

Our team carefully evaluates your brand’s strengths and weaknesses among customers to determine what’s working, what isn’t, and where there may be opportunities to improve the online brand relationship.

In-depth customer sentiment analysis and consumer research provide critical insight into consumer trust, customer loyalty rates, and the current state of your customer service experience online.

Such mind mapping analysis is also key to a successful brand audit and putting your brand’s position with your target market into a much closer perspective.

Creating Opportunities for Company Success

Each phase of our extensive brand audit process provides powerful, actionable insight into your online reputation.
In turn, you’re empowered with the data and expert analysis to beef up your marketing plan and realize your brand’s promise.

With deep, detailed intelligence on your online reputation, brand architecture, your competitors, and your customers, you have the tools to optimize your marketing efforts and boost brand awareness.

Detailed data and analysis allow you to target customers more effectively and identify opportunities for seizing that all-important competitive advantage.

Whether you’re fighting off threats, looking to improve your conversion rate, or need a more effective way to build customer loyalty, our industry-leading brand audit process delivers the data-driven insight you need to get there.

Why do I need a Brand Audit?

A comprehensive online brand audit is crucial to understanding your business reputation and your brand’s current position among customers, competitors, and stakeholders. It’s also an essential piece of your internal branding strategy, providing the foundation you need to build brand awareness and shape the customer experience both now and in the future.

These days, conducting a brand audit helps you:

Identify Threats to Your Brand

Performing a complete brand audit of your online presence puts all existing threats front and center, helping you instantly identify all negative news articles, videos, blogs, and online reviews hurting your reputation and bottom line. When we conduct a brand audit and unearth bad mentions of your business, we have the data needed to go after those items fast and take swift action to improve your reputation and credibility online.

Mapping out your search and social media presence allows us to build a cohesive, comprehensive strategy for removing digital threats restoring a positive connection with your target audience.

Build A Stronger Brand

Building a strong brand is nearly impossible without knowing your level of brand visibility, awareness, and impact online.

A thorough, data-driven SWOT analysis of your brand provides the actionable info needed to identify gaps between you and your competitors – – as well as the opportunities to strengthen your search presence and maximize reach among your target customers.

Increase Brand Awareness

Fulfilling your brand promise isn’t possible without a healthy amount of online brand awareness and recognition. After all, if your business isn’t coming to mind when customers need it, they’re much more likely to seek a solution elsewhere.

A successful brand audit helps expose those areas where you aren’t making the connection, delivering the insight and website analytics to fix the problem quickly.

Improve Sales and Customer Loyalty

When you conduct a brand audit, you’re taking an important first step to build a better brand and create a brand presence that compels customers to action.

Your brand audit results in the insight-fueled analysis needed to sharpen up your sales process, refine your sales data, and target customers and leads more efficiently.

It also offers a valuable inside track on customer satisfaction and where the customer experience may need a little work, allowing you to tweak processes and boost brand loyalty along the way.