Marca Global Celebrates Founder’s Appointment to Big 5 Sporting Goods Board of Directors

It was recently announced that our own Colleen Birdnow Brown has joined Big 5 Sporting Goods’ board of directors (official press release here).

Colleen serves on several boards and her bona fides as a leader are well-known; we know firsthand that organizations up their game everywhere she lends her wisdom and expertise. 

Under her guidance, Marca Global® (founded in 2015) and Marca Global-owned businesses — Internet Reputation, Reputation Sciences and InfoSweep — have made major strides in growth, talent and methodological expertise. This is due, in no small part, to her ability to not only groom talent and define vision, but navigate  the nuanced channels of the boardroom world. Her keen understanding of boards and C-suites makes our work more relevant to our growth-focused clients.

“Serving in board membership capacity has always been a synergistic and rewarding complement to my work with Marca Global,” said Brown. “Working with boards and C-suites to meet big business challenges will always inform how we think organizationally at Marca Global and its sister businesses. Every day is an opportunity to hone our leadership perspective and knowledge of best practices in strategy, marketing, technology and more; the speed at which marketplaces evolve demands nothing less.”

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