Digital news via tablet now that everything online is permanent

 by: Blair Brown, COO, Marca Global Today's Internet: The Worldwide Whiteboard With Indelible Ink In today's digital age it's easy to forget that every comment, like, emoji, tweet, blog, and forum post we attach our names to is written on an unerasable whiteboard with indelible ink. Everything online is permanent. Despite assurances from the popular social media sites that we can delete at any time, the internet...

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Online reputation management includes handling negative reviews

 by: Brian McHale, CEO, Marca Global Why ORM Technology is Essential to Protect Your Business Reputation The Importance of ORM: Online Reputation Management In the 21st Century economy, the internet is the dominant force affecting all businesses. We're approaching the third decade of the internet millennium. And "digital transformation" has moved from just a novel marketing innovation to become the fundamental building block for any business with an...

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Businesswoman on laptop knows why your online presence matters

 by: Blair Brown, COO, Marca Global How important is your online reputation? Consider this. Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. One billion of those are individual names. We're searching for all types of reasons, from finding out information about a potential job candidate or board member to researching our date for Friday night. Unfortunately, Google's algorithms do not care about making you look good....

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