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Why Marca? Letter from the Owner


After thirty-five years in the media business, the last twenty-five of those running multimedia companies, it is an honor to have built an organization such as Marca Global®. We have set an ambitious vision for our company: to enable everyone to defend and define their name online, as well as to build lifelong relationships that endure with our clients, our colleagues and our community.

Marca Global® is one of original online reputation companies. In fact, we may be THE original firm in the online reputation management field. We’ve been in business since 2010, and have acquired considerable, in-depth experience in the digital technology and services space. We provide our clients unique value and benefit through the insight that comes from the combination of significant multimedia expertise and a world-class management team.

How We Grew

My work in legacy media was exciting, challenging and highly rewarding. Breaking news, constant updates, newscasts, investigative journalism…holding the powerful accountable…all important aspects of traditional media in which I was deeply involved. We recognize, however, that the power traditional media once almost exclusively enjoyed has dramatically shifted to include digital media sources.

In the past, newspapers and broadcasters gathered, curated and provided the news and information for us to consume. In the digital world, however, the power of legacy media is giving way to individuals from all walks of life; those now responsible for creating, curating and providing much of the online content, information and reviews we are exposed to today.

In the digital world, individuals have become the programmers, establishing a power and voice stronger than legacy media ever could. Many in the media business, including myself, saw this day coming, yet there was no real understanding or grasp of the full impact and influence social media would have on advertising, brand development and even reputation. The impact of online content on both individuals and businesses has surpassed all expectations.

What does this mean for you? Whether you know it or not, you are empowered in ways never before seen or realized. With that empowerment, however, comes a whole new set of technology, rules and expectations. This is further complicated by how quickly these things change, sometimes shifting on a weekly, if not daily, basis. If you aren’t on top of your game in this new reality, you will lose market share to those who are, be them business competitors, professional adversaries and so on.

Where We Are Today

It’s important to understand that while impressions make you feel good, it’s the actual conversions that make you money. Appreciating the sometimes-nuanced difference between brand and reputation will give you the competitive edge you need to achieve your full online potential.

At Marca Global®, we have a passion for continuous improvement, as well as for delivering top-level digital solutions and performance for every client. We serve thousands of clients each month; those struggling in crisis situations as well as those that require longer-term digital solutions. Our approach is collaborative, respectful and forward thinking. We work with individuals, celebrities, judges, CEO’s, Directors, small businesses and large companies from all walks of life.

What makes us different is our discretion, as well as our commitment to providing quality, custom solutions while holding ourselves to the highest standards possible.

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