SEO Marketers Need Not Worry: Massive Peak Stays Ahead of Google Algorithm Changes

SEO Marketers Need Not Worry: Massive Peak Stays Ahead of Google Algorithm Changes

The future of SEO is looking brighter than ever; especially in comparison to 2012, when the industry had to adapt to its first round of Google algorithm changes.

According to a recent survey, some 42 percent of adults have used the Internet to help them check out a person or business before agreeing to do business together. After conducting that search, about 45 percent of those seekers were swayed towards someone else with whom to do business.

These are scary little stats, and they highlight just how important a good online reputation management strategy might be. Prior to the spring of 2012, most reputation management companies would claim that they’d help their clients by employing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, ensuring that the good stuff rose to the top of search results while the bad stuff was buried.


Then, Google’s Algorithm Changed, and SEO Companies Panicked

When Google changed its algorithm, the SEO industry felt, for the first time, the unsettling notion of imminent doom. What many didn’t know at the time is that this phase would indeed pass. Five years later and to the surprise of many, SEO is more than just afloat; it is a thriving industry with more growth and demand than ever.

So what happened? Experts say that in the end, all the panic wasn’t really warranted. Companies can still use SEO techniques to boost the content they like and bury the content they don’t. They just need to be savvy about the techniques they use, focus on writing quality content and use real people to craft their messages. A good summation of those strategies can be found here.

At the moment, even companies that cook the books by buying links and artificially boosting their content might be getting away with their behaviors, according to some bloggers, but that might change in time.

So what is Massive Peak doing differently with our SEO services? We’ve always used top-quality writers to craft our content, and we’ve always relied on real-world techniques to boost traffic to the content we want to promote. That’s why we’re not worried about the Google algorithm changes. In fact, the team at Massive Peak embraces the changes; and will be more than prepared for the next wave of algorithm alterations.